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Never be ashamed of your hustle

2021-07-28  Festus Hamalwa

Never be ashamed of your hustle

Foibe Sheehama started her homemade chilli sauce, Kalidus chilli, in 2019 to be among Namibians producing their own products instead of importing from other countries.

“I am striving to add value to our products through buying products from local farmers and transforming them. So, at this point, I’m more focused on processing the chilli but there is more to come in the future,” she told Youth Corner. 

The 27-year-old nursing student at the I-Care Health Training Institute said she taught herself how to make the chilli sauce and in the process found that chilli is also a medicine.

 “There are many benefits from eating chillies, such as preventing diabetes, reducing blood pressure, fighting weight gain and cancer prevention,” she added. 

Sheehama stressed that chilli provides vitamins and minerals –and according to her, it contains 100% Vitamin C, 9% Vitamin A, 4% Potassium, 3% Iron and 1% Calcium, which is recommended daily.

“The good news is that it can also treat colds and flu,” she said enthusiastically.

The proud, independent Namibian entrepreneur started the venture to meet her parents halfway.

 “I am a student and I don’t want to drop out of school because of financial problems. I know that with this business, I can pay for my own studies,” said Sheehama.

She sells her sauce door-to-door because of a lack of start-up capital to rent a space from which to operate her business, Kalidus.

“Firstly, you have to identify yourself; figure out your talent and what you are good at. Focus more on things that will grow your business. Don’t be discouraged. Get involved with people with successful businesses – people whom you want to be like one day,” she advised.

Sheehama can be reached on her Instagram page: foibeblessy.


2021-07-28  Festus Hamalwa

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