• July 20th, 2019
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New NHP offices aim to enhance service experience

Business & Finance
Business & Finance

Staff Reporter Windhoek-Medscheme Namibia, medical administrators of Namibia Health Plan (NHP), last week unveiled new premises next to the Lady Pohamba Hospital in Kleine Kuppe, that will service its clients in Windhoek. “The new premises are aimed at enhancing the service experience for our NHP clients. We intentionally located the new office in a medical hub, to make access to healthcare providers easier for clients,” says Rudiger Saunderson ‒ Managing Director of Medscheme Namibia. “Let me also use this opportunity to thank the medical aid fund industry and service providers for effective partnership, cooperation and support which enable us to find solutions, overcome challenges and seize emerging opportunities in financing healthcare services. This growth opportunity is one such moment and it comes at the time when our economy is emerging out of a downturn with prospects of positive growth on the horizon,” said Minister of Finance, Calle Schlettwein, who officiated at the inauguration. He also called on NHP and the medical aid funds industry in general to aim for greater inclusiveness, affordability and reliability in its service offerings. “We take pride from the fact that our private health system is largely self-reliant in terms of funding. This is, however, concentrated and caters for about 14 percent of the population, with the public healthcare having to contend with just over 80 percent of the population,” said Schlettwein. With a service centre at both the ground and first floors, the new NHP offices are aimed at ensuring quick and convenient service for members. Furthermore, the new office premises are adjacent to a hospital and a shopping centre. “Having moved into the new premises in December 2016, we have used the last two months to ensure that the office is fully functional. Our customers are giving resounding feedback about the new office, and they expressed delight that they feel safer and that there is ample parking. Some have complimented the open plan saying that this spacious environment makes them feel more welcome in our office. This is the kind of feedback we were looking to receive from the members,” added Saunderson. Despite a negative growth and increasing costs of healthcare, Saunderson is confident about the future. “Prospects for the foreseeable future are very positive. Our aim is to provide members with innovative complementary products and services while doing our best to ensure that healthcare costs remain affordable. “We hope that the new premises will also motivate our staff and portray the right image to the customers,” concluded Saunderson.
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2018-02-13 09:29:40 1 years ago

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