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New radio station to accelerate access to info

2019-02-21  John Muyamba

New radio station to accelerate access to info

RUNDU - The Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Stanley Simataa, says  the government has been working tirelessly to encourage the nation to capitalise on the nationwide roll-out of ICT infrastructure to ensure access to information to all Namibians.

Simataa made the remarks in his statement read on his behalf at Rundu during the official inauguration of the Adventist Radio Namibia (ARN) radio station on Saturday.

Just recently Simataa also inaugurated the Adventist Radio Namibia in Otjiwarongo. “I am proud to be part of yet another notable and solemn occasion of inaugurating the Adventist Radio Namibia (ARN), Rundu Service. Today again marks another milestone in the history of the SDA Church, as we inaugurate another radio station here in Rundu,” he said.
Simataa said he was pleased by the SDA Radio’s development and admitted these developments will go a long way in improving the lives of people in Namibia.

“Information is power and without it people can never get empowered to make wise decisions that can improve their lives. I therefore have no doubt that this radio will help to add value to the lives of the people living in Rundu,” he said
“I therefore thank our almighty God, who in his infinite guidance inspired the SDA church to establish the radio station. Although it is a religious radio station, I believe that it’s programmes will add value to our nationhood and national pride interventions. Unabating violence against women and children, escalating incidents of intolerance in our communities, creeping disrespect for elders, all point to a morally conflicted society that is yearning for redemption,” he continued.

The ICT minister noted that religious and community leaders and institutions must join the government in its nationhood crusade to rehabilitate society’s degraded moral values. “Given its greater reach and affordability, radio is one most effective conduit for access to information.”

“As we all know, information is power! Information liberates from ignorance, from poverty by availing information on opportunities at the communities’ disposal - opportunities which when maximised can take them out of poverty and hopelessness. Certainly, there can be no prosperity in our communities when there is abject poverty of information,” he added.

Apart from English the Adventist Radio Namibia will broadcast in local Namibian languages. “I am therefore confident that these initiatives will cement the value of nation building and bring services closer to the people in their own languages. I believe it will be of interest for you to note that these efforts by the SDA go well with government’s campaign of - ‘Nationhood and National Pride’ - under the slogan of - ‘My Namibia, My Country, My Pride’ , which aims to captivate positive morality and instil a sense of nationhood and national pride among Namibians,” he said.

Rundu Urban Constituency Councillor Vicky Kauma also graced the occasion and delivered a speech. “My office as the constituency councillor have an open-door policy and accepts, welcomes and fully supports all new developmental initiatives which are targeted towards socio-economic upliftment of our communities,” Kauma noted.
Kauma believes the radio will have programmes of a social nature which will assist in moulding and changing the decaying social behaviour in society and eventually reduce crime and other social ills.

2019-02-21  John Muyamba

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