• July 9th, 2020

Nga-I rebounds with ‘Do It For Nation’

 Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK – Ovitrap chief/rapper, Nga-I, never ceases to amaze his fans, as just when everybody thought he had begun his early retirement from music, he bounces back with a new project.
Ovitrap is a genre that fuses Otjiherero culture and hip-hop, which he created at the beginning of his hip-hop career. 

The new dad, whose real name is Ngaihape Mupurua, told Entertainment Now! that the project that is underway is dedicated to his one-month-old baby with singer and actor, Khadijah Mouton.
“I quit rapping and said I won’t do it anymore but I heard a voice in my head telling me to do it for my newborn, Nation, if not for everyone,” he explained, adding that the album is titled ‘Do It For Nation’.

Asked about the future of Ovitrap music, Nga-I said his genre will last forever. He added that he was consulting his management seeking ways to identify who would take over as the Chief of Ovitrap.
“Ovitrap is originally a Namibian genre and it is here to stay. Exactly after five years, I am seeing Ovitrap as a powerful genre, which will not only be representing the Herero-speaking people but also the whole nation. Ovitrap will also not just be about artists, it will be about the Namibian entertainment industry,” said the “Kurama” hitmaker, whose rapping career will officially end after the latest project.

Two months ago, he announced his retirement from music on social media, saying he quit to be a more responsible father to his daughter and to grow.

“Not only am I becoming a dad and other young men are becoming dads as well, but I need to lead, to inspire my generation and that’s why I quit rapping,” he explained in a video clip he uploaded on Instagram.
He worked on the new project with his girlfriend, Mouton, and various other artists who have not yet been revealed.

The excited father told Entertainment Now! “The album is made out of love and it accommodates all music lovers. And to all Ovitrap music lovers, Ovitrap is still alive and kicking, so watch this space,” he ended.
‘Do It For Nation’ will be released on 30 November in Windhoek.

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