• May 24th, 2019
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Nguvauva calls on Voigts family to return heirloom

WINDHOEK – Ovambanderu Chief Kilus Munjuku III Nguvauva has made a fresh plea to the Voigts family to hand over a traditional belt worn by late Chief Kahimemua Nguvauva, saying the community only wants the heirloom and it does not want any form of compensation or damages. Nguvauva made this fresh appeal at Okahandja last week during a meeting with the visiting German Bundestag Member of Parliament (MP) Ottmar von Holtz who himself was born in Gobabis in Omaheke Region.

Nguvauva, the great grandson of the late Chief Kahimemua Hija-Kungairi Nguvauva also requested the visitor to assist his community in the safe return of the sacred traditional belt that has a historical significance to the community.

History has it that Gustav Voigts, who was tasked to disarm Chief Kahimemua Nguvauva, removed Chief Kahimemua’ s sacred traditional belt together with a gun and other items which he later took to the Germany Braunschweig Museum for safekeeping, but later collected it.

Chief Kahimemua Nguvauva was the Chief of the Ovambanderu community between 1850 – 1896. In May 1896 in the Otjunda, Nguvauva was wounded and later surrendered to the German colonial soldiers. 
Accused of organising the uprising against the Germans he was sentenced to death and executed on June 12, 1896 together with Nikondemus Kavikunua in Okahandja.

Kahimemua was shot 11 times all over the body but did not succumb to all those bullets but only died on the 12th bullet after he pointed out to his executors that the chief only dies when he is shot through the forehead. 

“I would humbly appeal to you, your friends and acquaintances who might have good working relations with the Voigts family in Namibia or in Germany who might be in possession of this belt to hand over this historic belt to me as the chief of this community,” Nguvauva told the visiting MP and his delegation.

Nguvauva also reminded the visiting MP that his community as descendants of victims of genocide stand in solidarity with the Namibian government during the ongoing genocide negotiations.

“We are eager to bring closure to the dark chapter in our history for us as the victims of genocide to move on and stop blaming our underdevelopment and backwardness on the Germans,” he said.

“We need to foster friendship born in Namibia, including you I was made to understand. We need to foster friendship and cooperation for the development of our country and its people,” he added.
He also called on Germany’s Green party and all its members of the German Bundestag to play a major role in, and ensure that, the current genocide negotiations between the two governments come to a win-win conclusion.



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2019-02-13 09:48:22 3 months ago

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