• September 27th, 2020

NHE gives N$50 000 to MTC Knockout Project

Maurice Kambukwe

WINDHOEK- The National Housing Enterprise (NHE) yesterday joined other corporates in throwing its weight behind the highly anticipated MTC Knockout Project with a N$50 000 sponsorship.

The sponsorship handover took place yesterday in the capital, where NHE officially adopted its ambassador for the MTC Knockout Project popular gospel musician D-Naff and rubber-stamped their commitment with the N$50 000 financial injection.

The MTC Knockout Project, which takes place on 12 October, aims to create awareness around the burning issue of gender-based violence and other related societal ills that the country continues to grapple with. 
Speaking at the handover ceremony, NHE Chief Executive Officer Gisbertus Mukulu said they are extremely pleased to be associated with a great initiative aimed at fighting gender-based violence in the country.
He added that as a social responsible organisation, they could not afford to turn a blind eye on the mounting violence against women and children.

“As a socially responsible organization, we at NHE could not turn a blind eye on the escalating violence against women and children. It’s indeed very saddening that almost on every media platform you get to read or see gender based violence being reported frequently if not on a daily basis. As NHE, we are saying it’s high time that all Namibians take a firm stand and say enough is enough. The gender based violence being reported in the media is happening at homes that NHE has passionately created through its mandate, that of providing housing to Namibians. It is for this, among other reasons, that NHE is explicitly joining this war against gender based violence,” said Mukulu.

On his part, D-Naff who billed to square off against Luis Munana, said it’s up to every individual out there to engage others and speak on a way to end gender based violence.

“We decided to get out of our comfort zones and take part in this initiative and fight gender based violence. I am also a father and this is to show that I am responsible and playing my part in fighting this problem. I want everyone to stand together and speak to everyone on ending gender based violence,” said D-Naff.

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