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Nina shares her wealth of knowledge

2021-03-19  Strauss Lunyangwe

Nina shares her wealth of knowledge

TV personality Nina Katangana will be sharing her knowledge in tv presenting throughout the year to interested candidates through her personalised training courses.

Having 15 years of television presenting experience coupled with news anchoring, she is a firm believer in knowledge sharing. “Over the years I have seen how keen people are to have this skill. My first television experience was as the Coca-Cola Youth Cup as a presenter. I never looked back since. Thanks to that platform, One Africa and NBC I was able to become a News Anchor and presenter for other shows too,” she told Entertainment Now!.

To become an excellent presenter one has to have good presentation skills which are essential for a TV broadcaster. You must have a clear voice and the ability to present your material calmly and professionally, particularly under the pressure of a live broadcast.

Katangana is offering three different courses. Television presenting, television news anchoring and radio news anchoring. “The course attendees will learn how to be confident in front of the camera and behind the mic. Areas such as presentation styles, mastering essential communication skills for tv, interviewing skills, script analyzing, content research as well as audition and screen-test tips will be covered just to mention a few.”

The courses will be offered non-stop, all year round. They will also be offered via an online basis on her soon to be launched website Face to face training sessions will also be available for individuals and companies upon request.

The media maven believes broadcasting is a value-orienting and value-forming medium of communication. “A writer on social influence has said that broadcasting’s images and sounds become part of the structure and content of people’s imagining, understanding, and judgement. It is there to inform, educate and entertain. And I couldn’t have said it better myself,” she noted.

Kanatangana feels Namibia has done pretty well in terms of TV production and presentation compared to other African countries. “I think the general consensus in the industry is that we would love to see more local content on our screens. And although we live in a digital age and more tv type content is available on various social media platforms, what is needed is to have professional delivery of said content on these platforms. And that’s what my courses offer. The professional approach.” 

The courses are for anyone that has an interest in television whether your platform is mainstream tv, YouTube, IGTV or even your social media page. If you are simply looking to improve your public speaking and communication skills, this training is for you too.





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2021-03-19  Strauss Lunyangwe

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