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Nkurenkuru Boxing Club in dire need of assistance … boxers train under trees

2019-02-15  John Muyamba

Nkurenkuru Boxing Club in dire need of assistance … boxers train under trees
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RUNDU - The Nkurenkuru Boxing Club in Kavango West is crippled due to lack of finance, the clubs management says, adding that they have a serious challenge in terms of funding, training and equipment.

“The club is in urgent need of training equipment such as punching bags, boxing gloves, boxing attire and others. Currently we rely on good Samaritans, boxing lovers and general members of the community for funding our day-to-day activities,” said Ndara John Kalyata, who is the club manager.

“We are therefore appealing to all Namibians, the business community, successful Namibian boxing stables/clubs, successful local boxers and any sympathisers to please assist the club either financially or with boxing and training equipment. Those that are willing to sponsor the club can contact us, we are really in need,” he added.

The club was officially established in 2018 by three boxing fanatics with the aim to promote and develop the sport of boxing in Nkurenkuru and the entire Kavango West Region. The club currently has three executive members, who oversee the running of its daily affairs.

The executive members are Ndara John Kalyata (club manager), Sikerete Gabriel (club secretary) and Shalulu Benhard who is the head coach at the club.

“We came up with the idea to start a boxing club, since we all were part of the Kandjimi Murangi Senior Secondary School Boxing Club during our school days, so we teamed up and came up with this idea and named it the Nkurenkuru Boxing Club,” Kalyata said.

“One of the objectives of the club is to provide continuous training and grooming of potential boxers in Nkurenkuru as well as provide exposure to amateur boxers in order for them to reach professional levels. Boxing as a sport is dead in the region – not much is currently happening in terms of boxing hence the reason for us to try and revive it and assist whose that are based here in Nkurenkuru.”

When the club started last year, it had only five amateur boxers but has since grown and currently boasts a total of twelve boxers. The club is however still in search of more boxers, therefore all potential boxers are welcome to join the club.
“However, as we all know that to start a new club requires a lot of things such as a place for training, boxing equipment, funds to host boxing events, etc. Currently the club does not have the necessary boxing equipment and also does not have a place for training. As we speak, boxers are being trained under a tree as there is no proper training places in Nkurenkuru,” he said.

On a positive note, the club’s management is currently negotiating with a local businessman who owns a gym with the hope of securing a conducive place for boxers. Despite all the challenges faced by the club, last year the club scooped a silver medal at the National Kamunu Boxing Tournament that was held in Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi Region.

2019-02-15  John Muyamba

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