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Nkurenkuru to act on stray livestock

2020-03-10  Staff Reporter

Nkurenkuru to act on stray livestock

Stefanus Nambara

NKURENKURU – Nkurenkuru Town Council has vowed to get rid of all stray domesticated animals found in its boundaries by impounding them.

Council went to the extent of placing an advert seeking the services of a reputable interested company to enter into a 12-months agreement to control and impound the stray cattle, donkeys, goats and pigs that usually pose a hazard to motorists.

The CEO of Nkurenkuru, Petrus Sindimba, said although an engagement with animal owners and the Ukwangali Traditional Authority to move all animals out of the town took place when Nkurenkuru was proclaimed a town, not all residents have complied.
 “There are some who still have their livestock in the Nkurenkuru local authority boundaries and it is worrisome to the development of the town,” Sindimba said.

“These livestock are damaging properties of our developers, investors and individuals in the local authority,” he added.

He said the council kept doing its best by talking to livestock owners during community meetings and some were approached individually as it is unlawful to keep livestock within town but it looks like some people have chosen to ignore the authority.

Council has in the past impounded the animals found to be roaming around town and kept at its kraal and have vowed to intensively continue doing so. 
Council received public criticism for seeking services of a company to carry out the impounding activity, that it will waste money paying the company instead of doing it  themselves. Some feels they should focus on developing the town first.

Sindimba said the public can criticise but they should also look at it from a developmental point of view, the bad image created by free-ranging livestock to the town and the health hazard they pose through droppings.
He added that no money will come from the council’s coffers to pay for the services as the company will benefit from the fees that the owners of the impounded animals will fork out to have their animals freed.
According to him, the council’s wish is not to impound anybody’s animal but wants a town free of stray animals.

2020-03-10  Staff Reporter

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