• May 27th, 2019
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No decision yet to relocate Anker pupils

Clemans Miyanicwe

WINDHOEK - No decision has yet been taken to move back 327 pupils and fifteen teachers to Anker settlement where Edward //Garoeb Primary School is located. 

The pupils and teachers were relocated to Fransfontein settlement situated about 50 kilometres from Anker because of frequent seismic tremors that struck the settlement early this year.  

Anker is situated at the epicentre of Kaoko Orogenic Belt which is a regional tectonic unit on the north-west coast of Namibia.
Two weeks ago, a demonstration was held at Anker settlement by concerned parents who wanted their children to be moved back to the settlement. Some of the issues raised were that the Edward //Garoeb Primary School and hostel have been moved from Sesfontein to Khorixas  and that the environment is strange for their children. 

Annother issue raised was the amount set aside for renovations and which was revealed to Anker residents by the regional director of education in Kunene Region, Angeline Jantze.

According to Harry Eiseb, the legacy of the school and hostel was negatively affected with the relocation and the relocation adversely affected the discipline of the children as well.

“The relocation has negatively affected the religious part of our children, whereby children who were attending confirmation services have to quit due to this relocation,” Eiseb stated in a letter. 

The community says the earth shaking is not only present in Anker but is a countrywide issue.
Anker residents also called upon esteemed stakeholders, the Sesfontein councillor, the traditional authority, Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, office of the ombudsman and government at large to intervene as quickly as possible.

Eiseb told New Era over the weekend that many hostel blocks at Fransfontein’s Frans Frederick Primary School are overcrowded. “Some children are getting sick and toilets do not flush properly. Besides, Frans Frederick Primary School has children who are in relationships and some pupils have children, so our children will be corrupted,” a concerned Eiseb said.

On November 21 in a community meeting held with Kunene governor Marius Shewa and Kunene regional director Jantze, Sheya reportedly told attendees that the wishes of the Anker community would be granted, and that Edward //Garoeb Primary School would reopen next year.  Eiseb also revealed that out of fifteen teachers ten teachers do not want to move back to Anker settlement.

New Era Reporter
2018-11-29 09:40:45 5 months ago

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