• July 2nd, 2020

Noisy shebeens’ days numbered 

Windhoek - City Police Senior Superintendent Gerry Shikesho says shebeens that are regularly profiled for noise pollution will not be recommended for municipal fitness certificates. 

“A shebeen will not be able to trade without a fitness certificate even if they have a liquor licence,” Shikesho said. “It is clear in the law, if you are blacklisted, you are not going to be given a fitness certificate and you are not going to trade plus you will b given a fine of N$1 000.” Shikesho was speaking on the topic of municipal by-laws during this week’s launch of phase four of Operation Kalahari Desert in Windhoek. 

Shikesho shared that they have a problem with noise pollution, mostly on the western side of the city.  Shikesho thus warned shebeen owners or operators that there would be no second chance. 

“Now if we profile you and you become one of our regular customers, then will we not recommend you to have a fitness certificate and you cannot trade,” noted Shikesho. 

He said patrons are making uncontrollable noise and the police receive five to ten complaints per day. Shikesho stated that noise pollution cannot be discussed in isolation as there are also issues such as on-site (alcohol) consumption. 

“The second thing is over-serving, you see the person is under the influence of alcohol and they can hardly speak or walk and then they ask one for the road (and you serve them) – that is finable - it is N$500,” Shikesho stated.

The City Police is also heavily concerned with the issue of underage drinking, while Senior Superintendent Adam Eiseb highlighted cases of drunk driving as well as walking while heavily intoxicated.
Eiseb said they find a lot of pedestrians who are under the influence of alcohol and the operation assists them to get these pedestrians off the roads and get them home safely.   

He added that should pedestrians endanger themselves or other road users through their behaviour on the road, it constitute an offence.   

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2019-10-24 07:10:20 | 8 months ago


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    Eusebius M Thirumbu

    Good point stressed out. community leaders or committees must not threaten churches not to do their church services that they are making noise . its their beliefs and morals. why are they afraid of approaching bar owners and leave churches to do church services? bars must be shut down if not complying with noise pollution laws.

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