• July 23rd, 2019
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Nored electrifies two roadblocks in Zambezi

KATIMA MULILO – The Liselo and Namalubi police roadblocks, situated about five and 12km respectively from  Katima Mulilo, can now operate 24 hours per day after they were electrified by Nored.

Speaking at the commissioning of the electrification project at Liselo on Tuesday, the governor of the Zambezi Region, Lawrence Sampofu, said that previously the two roadblocks were forced to close at night due to lack of electricity.
This, he said, will now be something of the past.

“This is a great achievement that will enable the Ministry of Safety and Security … to set up permanent structure roadblocks, as lack of electricity in the areas was the stumbling block,” said Sampofu.

Sampofu added that he was “delighted to note that Nored did not only consider the operations of the police, but put into consideration the surrounding community by installing the ABC line that will enable the community to electrify their homes”.
Nored CEO Fillemon Nakashole noted that it is an open secret that members of the police are being bumped at the roadblocks, with lack of lights a contributing factor.  He said that it is for this reason that “we as Nored have decided through consultations, to extend our helping hand towards the Namibian Police, to ensure the safety of Namibian”.

Even though he appreciated what Nored has done by bringing service closer to the community, the councillor of Katima Rural Constituency Warden Simushi appealed to Nored to install a bigger transformer which will allow about 100 households of Liselo to electrify their houses.

Aron Mushaukwa
2018-11-14 09:52:29 8 months ago

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