• December 3rd, 2020

Notorious cattle theft gang walk away easily

Carlos Kambaekwa Okandjomba-Five suspects of a notorious livestock theft syndicate were caught red-handed transporting five freshly slaughtered carcasses of white Brahman cows at Okandjomba post, north-west of Okondjatu village in Otjozondjupa Region, in the wee hours of Friday. The suspects, using a white Toyota pickup, were spotted by a local farmer who alerted members of the Okondjatu police unit. The suspects were subsequently apprehended and spent several hours in the local police cells before being released, following intense lobbying by their relatives. It was resolved to apply the rule of traditional justice whereupon both parties resolved to settle the matter out of police confines. The accused agreed to keep seven head of cattle while the complainant was allowed to repossess the slaughtered cattle, indeed an omen as they had a family bereavement which requires the slaughtering of a few cows. Constable Gabriel Mbemukenga confirmed the incident to New Era on Saturday. He added that one of the suspects is a notorious habitual cattle rustler and is currently on bail for crimes committed in Omaheke Region. Local farmers expressed serious concern over traditional justice, adding that the practice encourages offenders to continue with their evil ways. They urged authorities to intervene and introduce hard and fast rules that would help arrest the situation.
New Era Reporter
2017-10-16 09:25:36 | 3 years ago

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