• June 6th, 2020

NSFAF to pay out N$10 000 to over 22 000 students

In an attempt to assist government efforts to fight Covid-19 effects on learning, Namibia Student Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) has pledged to pay N$10 000 per student for non-tuition fees to ensure they equip themselves with internet connectivity related tools for e-learning.

Local universities, including private institutions of higher learning, last week maintained they were ready to roll out e-learning classes, saying it is a technology that they have embraced for years. 

With coronavirus, technology and online learning platforms have become increasingly essential worldwide.  When adapting to this new normal, universities have quickly evolved their digital tools and platforms to ensure uninterrupted educational delivery to students not on campus due to the virus.

In an interview with New Era last week, NSFAF acting CEO Kennedy Kandume said the fund took into consideration that everyone is affected by Covid-19, including students.

“We as funders, we are saying we owe institutions of higher learning their tuition. We sum up the amounts together and say ordinarily this time of the year how much we would have paid them? We put some amount together,” he said.
Hence, he explained they agreed to pay N$10 000 to each student for non-tuition fees and together is about N$282 million.
Kandume said this is not extra payment that the fund has forked out, it’s what NSFAF owe students for non-tuition for 2020 academic year.

“We are saying if treasury is to release that money, then we would be able to bring some relief to students who might want to continue with online and e-learning so they can use it to acquire data and tools they will need for online learning. It’s not extra money. It’s just the normal payment. We are requesting early release of the money instead of late payment in June or May,” Kandume maintained.

He said the payment is only meant for continuing students, as new students are yet to sign a contract with NSFAF. NSFAF is currently busy validating the awarding process of loans and grants to new students for the 2020 academic year.
Further, he said the N$10 000 is not a blanket sum to say even those who don’t deserve to get it will receive the exact figure. 
Kandume said NSFAF expects to fork out millions to 22 600 continuing students. Although he did not mention the total number of students, he said NSFAF will also pay students at vocational training centres. -anakale@nepc.com.na

Albertina Nakale
2020-04-14 10:32:43 | 1 months ago


  1. User
    Tobias Hosea

    Having said that my nasfaf application is not validated until today.Each time I login at my portal the application status is always stating "pending" when is nasfaf going to validate our applications/to respond to them as a student I am worried about how I am going to acquire all necessary tools for e learning As The ministry of finance said the EIG is not for students irrespective they being funded by nasfaf.my question is how are we going to get all our necessary equipments?

  2. User
    Hortesia Hango

    How about NIMT students?

  3. User
    Chathy Iikwambi

    Can you please get for me feedback from NSFAF , what is going to happen to NIMT students who do not get any refund ,the institute chops or use up our refund and at the end of the day we going to pay for something we haven't chop even a 5cent except for the 16000 which covers our stationeries.now this 10k the NSFAF talking about ,are we NIMT students included too or how? Please we need our voice to be heard.can you find for us any feedback please Newera.thank you.

  4. User
    Nuugwanga Gabriel

    Some of us NSFAF refused to give us loans because we are not from grade 12 straight.. I don't work, is only my parents that use to pay my school fee that is N $2211.00 each month.. they're all 60 years old.. Parents they don't have money to buy laptop.. How are they going to help me? Student at International university of management.. Please!

  5. User
    MIchael Misco

    What about the NIMT student who doesn’t get their payback amount?

  6. User
    Chabilo Chapiz

    when will the nsfaf team start paying the money ..?

  7. User
    Angelo Bunny

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  8. User
    Samantha Schultze

    And what about the students whose application has been successfully validated does that mean they have officially been accepted for student funding? If not, when can students expect to get a response from NASFAF about acceptance of loans?

  9. User
    jonas tiodensia m

    whats going on with first year student ...when are we going to upload our proof of registratio

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