• August 20th, 2019
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Nudo dismisses claims of a tribal party

WINDHOEK - The recent National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) 3rd Extraordinary Congress that elected Utjiua Muinjangue as new president has generated a hot debate with socialists shouting for the immediate de-registration of the party, arguing it represents a symbol of tribal politics.

The party’s two-day extraordinary elective congress held in Windhoek over the weekend elected Muinjangue as party president narrowly beating veteran and popular politician Vetaruhe Kandorozu with 240 votes to 227, making her the first female in an independent Namibia to take charge of a political party.

The party also elected Nudo councillor for the Aminuis Constituency Peter Kazongominja as the party’s vice-president, Nudo’s City of Windhoek Councillor Joseph Kauandenge as secretary general to be deputised by Uaraa Uapingene and 25 members to the 88-member National Council (central committee) with all of them being from the same Ovaherero tribe.
However, this did not go well with some social commentators saying that Muinjangue is rather a traditional leader who is ruling her own tribe than a political party.

“Apparently Madam [Ester] is the “first woman” to be elected as a leader of a certain political party. Factually, she is a leader of a fledging traditional authority duly elected, leading her tribe comrades from top to bottom. In its own, their so-called national party is equivocally clear that, they are busy promoting “systematic tribalism” in an independent Namibia which is a crime.  Some of this systematic tribalism political party deserves to be de-registered with ECN for a better Namibia.Anyways, it is none of my business,” reads one comment on Facebook yesterday.

Nonetheless, when contacted for comment yesterday, Muinjangue said the issue of Nudo being a one tribe party is a non-issue as Swapo the ruling party also started as a tribal party.

“This is a non-issue, irrelevant, every party start from somewhere, Swapo started as OPO, UDF is an all Damara party but no one is saying anything, so give me another five years and see whether you will be asking me the same question,” said the vocal new Nudo president.

“If Nudo is perceived to be a party for Otjiherero speaking Namibians, why do we have two seats in Parliament? Ovaherero are more than 250 000. Where are all the others, I need to work very hard to restore the party and instil confidence in the party among many others,” Muinjangue told New Era during a recent interview when she was asked about the same question.

She had said if elected as the party president her aim will be to make Nudo the alternative party, a vibrant party working with other parties including the ruling party in building a better Namibia, addressing issues faced by Namibians.  She also promised to work hard to increase Nudo seats in the National Assembly.

“My short-term objectives is to revamp Nudo as a party by visiting Nudo offices in all regions where we have/had votes in 2004. To increase votes in the November 2019 national elections,” she said at the time. 

“And my long-term objectives include to liaise and network with other political parties to explore on how to strengthen democracy and nation building. Make Nudo a home for all Namibians. Build a bridge between the various ethnic groups in Namibia to enhance peace and harmony, so that we embrace diversity and tolerance,” she added.

Kuzeeko Tjitemisa
2019-03-05 09:46:50 5 months ago

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