• August 15th, 2020

Nudo youth: Hands off our president

The youth league of the National Unity Democratic Organisation Organisation (Nudo) has come out strongly in condemning individuals who are allegedly secretly pushing for the recall of the party’s president and deputy health minister Esther Muinjangue. 

According to the youth league, Muinjangue was appointed on merit because of her qualifications and experience in social services. 
“We have noticed with disquiet that various stakeholders are politicising and propagandising the appointment of our president. Our president is fully aware of her responsibilities as an opposition leader, the appointment won’t affect her position as an opposition,” party’s acting youth league secretary general, Veparura Kandirikirira said in a statement. He said rather than seeing the appointment of Muinjangue in a negative way, those who are disgruntled by her new role should see it from another perspective. 

“How difficult will it be for the deputy minister to negotiate in good faith to ensure that her constituency of votes get the basics of health facilities being an ambulance, nurses, health centres and more which is what we promised to deliver once we are elected into power. As politicians, we have to utilise every given opportunity in our interest,” he said. 

The youth leader called upon the party’s faithful to remain calm and have faith in the current leadership led by Muinjangue. “The position of deputy minister that was offered to our president is on merits, and therefore she will use her academic qualifications to equip the line ministry,” he added.  

“We call upon all our members not to be moved by political propaganda which is being spread by our political enemies as they will create anything to confuse us.” 
 He said Muinjangue will work hard for social services and to engage private, profit and non-profit organisations in order to uplift health standards of all Namibians. 

“Muinjangue did not sign a fixed contract with President Geingob, therefore when she feels that the position is putting her in unfathomable position, she will definitely resign, therefore there’s no reason to panic,” said Kandirikirira. “We know the Presidency which was created by various failed politicians whom were delegated in senior positions while they were from opposition parties and ended up joining the ruling party. That is not her character and is the last thing we should expect from our president.”

Staff Reporter
2020-05-27 09:51:41 | 2 months ago

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