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Ohamba of Oukwanyama seeks integration with the San community

2023-08-03  Festus Hamalwa

Ohamba of Oukwanyama seeks integration with the San community

OMHEDI – Ohamba of Oukwanyama Martha Mwadinomho Kristian Nelumbu has called on the discrimination against the marginalised San community to cease, as they too are Ovakwanyama.

“You all belong to me. There is no difference between Ovakwanyama and San people,” said Ohamba during a special lunch she prepared for members of the San community on Saturday at the palace in the Omhedi village.

On the day, the over 100 members of the marginalised San community were also honoured with food parcels, clothes and blankets. 

The San visitors were transported from various homesteads in the region’s constituencies.

They were happy to meet Ohamba and see the palace for the first time. 

Nelumbu said she invited the San community because she wanted to show them love and admiration.

“The San community came to Oukwanyama before independence. They played an enormous role in society by educating people about their culture,” she explained.

The queen urged them to make use of the Oukwanyama traditional offices to seek assistance, especially when they are being abused.

Shikongo Haufiku (82) from Onakalunga village said they had never been treated like this before.

“I am speechless. It is my first time meeting our Ohamba. Thank you, Ohamba, for considering us as your people,” he said.

Haufiku emphasised that they have been in Oukwanyama for a long, and they will continue having a good relationship with Ovakwanyama.

In addition, Haufiku said he is against being referred to as “San”.

“People should call us Ovakwanghala because that’s our true name. This name meant a lot to our culture,” he added.

Letisia Haindula (78) from Omalapapa village said they were not considered part of Oukwanyama because they used to be discriminated against.

“Now we are free. Ohamba has made it clear that we all belong to her,” she said.

Haindula said they have been assisting Ovakwanyama by treating various diseases and also working in their homesteads as domestic workers.

2023-08-03  Festus Hamalwa

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