• April 22nd, 2019
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Ohangwena builds clinics from accrued interest

Front Page News
Front Page News

Helvy Shaanika Endola laShikondongolo-The Ohangwena Regional Council has made use of the funds accrued from the interest on its accounts to build four community outreach clinics in the region. Two of the clinics in Omulonga Constituency were handed over to the communities by the Deputy Minister of Urban and Rural Development, Silvia Makgone. According to the Councillor of Omulonga, Erickson Ndawanifa, the constituency is the most populated one in Ohangwena Region, with a population of over 32,000 people. Yet residents from the 68 villages in the constituency only receive healthcare from four clinics. Some of them walk up to 17 km to access the health facilities. With the newly established outreach clinics a number of people will have access to healthcare, even though this will not be on a daily basis. Makgone, who was the keynote speaker of the day, said the initiative by the Ohangwena Regional Council to contribute access to the healthcare of its people and not to solely wait on the central government is a brilliant idea that all Namibians should emulate to forge an industrialized Namibia as enshrined in Vision 2030. Makgone added that the construction of the clinics is in line with the provision of Article 95 of the Namibian Constitution, which provides for the promotion of people’s welfare. She said the Regional Council Act of 1992 and its amendments provide that regional councils should be responsible for undertaking the role of planning the physical, social and economic development of regions. Makgone said Ohangwena Region is the second most populous region in the country after Khomas Region, and its residents, who mainly reside in rural areas, have put the government and its partners in a challenging situation in meeting people’s needs as the demands are many. “Nevertheless, efforts such as the one we are witnessing today go a long way in the lives of people, more especially in providing shelter and medical services. “I cannot imagine how the situation used to be here without this infrastructure, when the Ministry of Health and Social Services used to provide services to patients with varying medical needs in an open space, as some medical needs may require privacy and the absence of a conducive environment may have compromised health services to the people here. So for now, having these buildings I would like to assure the community of Omulonga Constituency and Ehoma and Engela laShikondongolo villages in particular that your government has heard your pleas and come to your rescue with this building infrastructure,” said Makgone. The director of health and social services in Ohangwena Region, John Hango, said apart from the two clinics in Omulonga Constituency two more clinics in Onaimbungu and Onehova in Eenhana district have been built, which are already operational since the beginning of the year. According to Hango, Ohangwena Region has about 144 outreach points where communities are served on a monthly basis. Out of the 144 outreach points only 71 outreach points have shelter. “So Ehoma and Engela laShikondongolo should consider themselves fortunate to have acquired this modern structure,” said Hango. “These structures will add value to our service delivery. They will protect both health workers and clients/patients from the sun, rain, dust and even provide our clients and patients with more privacy during consultations with healthcare workers,” he said.    
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