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Ohangwena registers private water connections

2019-04-23  Nuusita Ashipala

Ohangwena registers private water connections

ONGWEDIVA - The Directorate of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation in Ohangwena will today resume with the registration of private off-take water connections in the region.

The registration process, which was  announced earlier this month, was halted after hordes of people flocked to the water office resulting in administrative chaos.

The chaos at the office resulted in the office door being broken down as people stormed into the office to register to get water.
Several people were injured.
The people who flocked to the water office included those from the thirsty eastern side of the region which is without potable water.

Today’s registration will take place at Onambutu, Onamukulo, and Onakalunga sub-offices. The registration is however only applicable to communities who are served with water through the mentioned sub-offices. “The registration of private water off-take connection is only open to the public who are willing to privately purchase their water meters and fittings,” Chief Regional Officer in Ohangwena Region Fillipus Shilongo said in a statement. New Era understands that the government through the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry currently does not supply water meters to the community.

As a result the region has not provided private take-off since 2017, prompting the region to allow those who can afford to willingly apply. Applicants should ensure that they are in possession of approved water forms from their local water points committees of their water pipeline branch line or a recommendation letter from their village head.
Shilongo assured that the new arrangement does not replace the old private water take-off connections.

“Those who are unable to purchase water meters should wait for the normal applications in the region when the government resumes provision of water meters,” Shilongo assured.

Shilongo said the region is fully aware of the water scarcity in the region and thus pleads with the communities to remain calm while the region is addressing the situation.
“Ohangwena regrets what happened and is hereby registering its sincere apology to community members in the region,” said Shilongo.

2019-04-23  Nuusita Ashipala

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