• August 10th, 2020

O&L Group collaborates with industry to address Covid-19 impact

“In these unprecedented times, it is important to stay focused and practice transcending actions through purpose, care and discipline. Collaboration amongst industry leadership and government has never been this phenomenal,” said O&L executive chairman and NCCI president Sven Thieme in a media statement issued on Wednesday. 

Says Thieme: “The Covid-19 crisis requires a collaborative effort by each and every Namibian citizen, including government, industry leaders, the public and private sector as well as our communities to actively participate in curbing the spread of and flattening the curve of the virus. After all, we are all in this together! Thus, our collective commitment to support GRN in its efforts to contain this virus in our country, is now more than ever imperative to secure the future sustainability of our economy, people and country.”

He added that the current status of this unfortunate reality, requires drastic measures to be put in place, in support of the safety and care of the Namibian people. 

Thieme stated that together with industry leaders, a number of complex yet purposeful initiatives aimed at making a positive impact in people’s lives, are being explored. 

“While these are uncharted waters for everyone, we fully understand the tremendous pressure government is under and therefore I am pleased to say that we have embarked on several initiatives to address the immediate needs and the impact this dreaded disease has on our country. Some of the recommendations shared with government may not be directly related to many of our NCCI members’ business, but in the interest of the general public as Covid-19 affects us all.  We will continue to collaborate and contribute where we can because we care for our fellow Namibians.”

Thieme mentioned some of the initiatives currently underway include exploring how to increase the production of oxygen, as this resource becomes a necessity once the pandemic escalates. 

Thieme: “Together with various other industry players we are also trying our utmost to provide sufficient water fit for human consumption to areas where an undersupply has resulted in crowding and subsequent health risks to the public. We are also in discussions with government to ensure support for first responders - the people in the frontline who put their lives at risk to protect us in trying to contain the pandemic. We just handed over 2000 bottles of sanitiser and 13000 pairs of disposable gloves to the Namibia police as a kick start to support our first responders in the country.  Some of these projects are still at an early stage, however we will continue to do everything we can to contribute to lessening the burden of this disease on our nation,” Thieme said. 

Furthermore, he encouraged Namibians to adhere to government’s 21-day lockdown directives. “Let’s remain safe, strong, united and focused during this time - so that we overcome this challenge together.” 

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2020-04-03 10:03:27 | 4 months ago

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