• July 22nd, 2019
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Omaheke delegates cleared for Swapo congress


Maria Amakali Windhoek-Sounds of joy could be heard in the High Court on Wednesday after High Court Deputy Judge President Hosea Angula dismissed an urgent application to stop some Swapo Party members from attending a congress that started yesterday. In their application four Swapo members, Kejamuina Uhungira Mungendje, Maleagi Ndisiro, Frans Murangi and Progarius Muriambihu – who did not make the list of delegates to the congress – sought an interdict to bar Omaheke Governor Festus Uitele, Kilus Nguvauva and 27 of the 81 respondents from attending the Swapo Party Congress. The court will pronounce itself on the issues of cost on March 28, 2018, where the reasons of such order will be made available. The applicants wanted the court to nullify the electoral processes of Aminuis, Kalahari, Okorukambe and Otjinene districts, and Omaheke Regional Conference. According to the affidavit, the four applicants alleged that the Swapo electoral process of electing delegates for the congress was not adhered to. Mungendje and his fellow applicants indicated that they were not going to be represented at Congress by delegates who were elected irregularly through a flawed electoral process. However, Uitele alongside 80 respondents refuted such sentiments arguing that the four are disgruntled members who failed to garner support from party members at a re-election held during the conferences held in Omaheke region before the start of Congress. “The applicants are not seeking to enforce a right to attend the Congress. Rather, what they seek is to stop others from attending the Congress,” said the respondents. The Swapo Party congress is the highest decision-making body, which meets every five years. During the congress, the party president, vice president and secretary general are elected into power. Furthermore, the congress has the power to amend the constitution of the party. Norman Tjombe, Gerson Narib, Vas Soni, James Dierdericks represented the respondents while Tuhafeni Muhongo and Kadhila Amoomo represented the applicants.
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2017-11-24 09:36:49 1 years ago

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