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Omatope to receive new classrooms

2019-09-26  Obrien Simasiku

Omatope to receive new classrooms

OMUTHIYA - Omatope Combined School where a ruckus erupted over the past week, after a teacher at the school took and posted photos and videos of thatched grass huts and shacks on social media, will as of 2020 get a new classroom block in addition to the existing one.

This was revealed by the SPYL in a statement on Tuesday, condemning the assertions that the school is neglected or is in a dilapidated state. SPYL argued the school has been on the agenda for possible improvements and the classes posted on social media are temporary. Last week, the education ministry’s regional deputy director Vilho Shipuata condemned the videos saying they were not a true reflection of the state of affairs at the school and that the directorate is not turning a blind eye.

Shipuata last week said, the directorate is well aware of dilapidated schools that lack decent structures, but assured that all are budgeted for and will be catered gradually once financial resources are available. 
Oshikoto has 395 shack classes and an additional of 25 clay or thatched roof classrooms. 

 “We cannot deny the fact learners are taught in traditional structures made by caring and patriotic parents at the school, due to the increased number of learners. However, there is a fully furnished classroom block which did not appear in the videos and images shared. The government have ensured that, all learners are getting education at the school despite issues of lack of classes. Hence, SPYL Oshikoto have engaged the ministry and additional classrooms will be constructed early 2020,” stated SPYL regional secretary Josef Katukula. 

“As SPYL regional leadership, we would like to assure the nation, government has prioritized the education sector as the ministry responsible for education has always been amongst the ministries topping the national budget. The SPYL and Cheetah Cement embarked on a project to construct 10 classrooms per region, hence we will ensure that, this school benefits from this project,” he added.

The school has about 200 learners, of which some learners are attending classes under ramshackle classrooms.  Furthermore, he said, the party has taken note that, nowadays people are looking for popularity via social media by politicising every issue. Forgetting that, Swapo Party installed the government with various ministries and agencies responsible for various issues. “Instead of addressing these issues with the relevant offices, they opt to use social media and call themselves activists. We strongly reject all social media propagandas by the so-called activists. Therefore, we call on all peace-loving Namibians to become patriotic and start addressing issues to the relevant authorities. As social media will never build a classroom, the opposition leader will never build a classroom, he will go make noise in parliament and do nothing,” reiterated Katukula. 

A group of disheartened youth last week mobilised themselves on social media to organise a demonstration in Oshikoto, in which they also intended on handing over their party membership cards as well as discourage the youth to vote in upcoming elections.

2019-09-26  Obrien Simasiku

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