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Omusati thrives to provide basic services

2021-09-30  Nuusita Ashipala

Omusati thrives to provide basic services
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Although there are still areas without basic services, the Omusati Regional Council has over the years worked towards improving the livelihood and providing access to critical services such as water, electricity and roads.

In terms of the road network, the Chief Regional Officer Gervasius Kashindi said a number of centres for economic activities have gravel or tarred roads.

Kashindi said many schools in the region also have access roads; however, access to these schools remains a challenge when it rains due to flooding or deep water.

During this financial year, the council has plans to tar the Omugulugwombashe-Tsandi-Epalela road.

There are also plans to put up new access roads in the Tsandi area.

Okalongo constituency is one of the regions that have benefited from access roads.

Constituency councillor Laurentius Iipinge said to date, 15 schools and all the clinics in his constituency have access roads.

Only three schools in the constituency do not have access roads.

On water, Kashindi said the provision of water is adequate, however, the region continues to experience low water pressure and interruption of water in some areas.

“Sometimes, even those who are close to towns experience water challenges because of the low pressure,” said Kashindi.

Despite the adequate supply of water in the region, there are still areas such as Onamatanga, which does not have water pipelines and solely depend on boreholes.

 The CRO said when the need arises, the council ferries water to people in dire need, especially during drought.

Kashindi said much still need to be done, especially in the southern part of the region in order to eliminate the water woes.

He said Ruacana south particularly have a challenge of water.

To ease the situation, a new water pipeline is earmarked for Ruacana south and it is anticipated that the pipeline will provide water as far as Opuwo.

For the west of the region, where drought is imminent, the council will drill and rehabilitate existing boreholes.

2021-09-30  Nuusita Ashipala

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