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Omusati won’t condone substandard work

2019-01-22  Nuusita Ashipala

Omusati won’t condone substandard work

OUTAPI - The Omusati Regional Council has pledged to be hands-on, monitoring and ensuring that contractors at various projects in the region deliver quality work for the regional authority.

 Speaking at the official opening of the Omusati Regional Council Sessions for 2019, the Chairperson of the Regional Council, Modestus Amutse, said the region is not going to tolerate any substandard work on any of its projects earmarked for this year.

The session was held at Outapi Regional Council chambers on Friday.
He made the assurance the region will continue to subject projects suspected of substandard work to quality control audits.
Amutse also voiced against unnecessary inflation of prices and project completion date extensions.
He said it has become a norm for contactors to inflate prices especially with government projects.

“If a project is due for completion it should be completed, we cannot continue like this; we will tighten measures to prevent delays,” said Amutse.

Equally, he urged the officers to ensure payments to contractors are paid promptly to avoid unnecessary delays.
The chairperson said the council has further committed itself to deliver quality, improved services to its people. 
He thus urged the region’s inhabitants to be watchdogs and advise the region on possible malpractices that may lead to poor service delivery.

“We should not waste a single cent on self-enrichment. Every cent is meant to benefit our people without any delay or favour,” said Amutse. Moving forward Amutse said the region will critically identify loopholes which might render inefficiency to service delivery.

In the same vein, the chairperson also appealed to local authorities to ensure equal distribution of land.
He said the low-income group should also feature in land allocation.

“Please make land affordable so that our people can have land to live on,”said Amutse. 
Equally, he appealed to local authorities to exercise extra care when suspending essential services at key institutions such as police stations, hospitals and schools.

Above all, the chairperson appealed for teamwork in order to push the regio’s developmental agenda.

2019-01-22  Nuusita Ashipala

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