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Omuthiya chairperson resigns, cites workload

2021-09-08  Obrien Simasiku

Omuthiya chairperson resigns, cites workload

OMUTHIYA – Katrina Kashokulu, who served as the management committee chairperson of Omuthiya Town Council, has resigned from that role, citing a heavy workload.

Kashokulu is employed full-time by the Namibia Post Holding (Nampost) and heads the Omuthiya branch. Her abrupt resignation has caught many by surprise, as she has only served in that role since December 2020.

Kashokulu was serving the local authority on a Swapo party ticket.

Confirming her departure, mayor Johannes Ndeutepo said the resignation letter has been brought forward to the CEO’s attention, who will send it further to the relevant authorities.

“She had earlier informed me of her intention – but as of now, she has put it in writing, and it lies with the CEO. She said she could not divide herself any longer, as pressure was mounting, thus juggling between the two challenging roles was becoming impossible,” he stated.

Regarding the way forward, Ndeutepo said after all processes are complied with, a new member on the party list will assume the exact roles of the outgoing chairperson.

“For now, the CEO will inform the line minister, the concerned political party as well as the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN),” he added.

The Local Authority Act of 1992 states when a member of the local authority council vacates office, the CEO shall, by notice in the Gazette, announce a vacancy in the membership of the local authority has occurred, the date on which it occurred and the cause thereof.

The act further states such a vacancy must be filled within a period of three months by the political party, association or organisation from which the member was nominated.

Moreover, the post may not be filled until the next elections if the replacement is not done within three months.

Local authority councillors are elected to serve for five years.


2021-09-08  Obrien Simasiku

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