• May 30th, 2020

Omuthiya to start impounding stray cattle

OMUTHIYA - Farmers from the areas surrounding Omuthiya are being warned to keep their animals out of town lands, ahead of the operationalisation of an impounding kraal to be used for keeping stray animals that have been seized from the central business district.

The kraal is complete, and will be administered by the town council pending the promulgation of the town’s laws and regulation policy on impounding animals.  “We have adopted the model used by the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development on impounding animals, and once signed off, we will start operations as soon as possible. But before that we will hold a meeting with the community to inform and sensitise them,” said the CEO of Omuthiya, Samuel Mbango. Mbango added that the municipality is in the process of appointing an impounding master, as per council resolution. 

The kraal is divided into sections to separate different animals. Farmers whose animals are impounded will be slapped with a daily fine of N$6 for cattle and N$3 for goats, sheep and pigs. 

The kraal is located on the town’s outskirts next to the oxidation pond on the way to Okangororosa.
On a different note, Mbango took the opportunity to clarify the issue of household dustbins around the town, saying they are not for free and one has to approach council and is required to pay a certain fee. 

He also responded to concerns raised by some members of the public, who accused council of failing to provide rubbish bins. 

Obrien Simasiku
2019-02-11 09:50:35 | 1 years ago

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