• April 25th, 2019
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Omwaalu mathematics project launched

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Staff Reporter Windhoek-The Namibian Mathematics Institute and FNB Namibia have launched the Omwaalu Mathematics Project. The Omwaalu set was developed to enable pre-primary and Grade 1 teachers to teach basic numerical concepts using a hands-on and fun approach. Through playing with different mathematical materials learners “discover” numerical concepts themselves and the typical fear for the subject is reduced. The teacher’s role is changed from the typical teaching “instructor” to teaching “facilitator”, enabling learners to experience mathematics as interesting and even “fun to learn”. “We are donating an amount of N$189,000 towards this worthy initiative which will ensure that teachers receive training. Constant learning, listening, thinking, and envisioning from teachers and classmates will bring transformation to our communities, and bring the change envisioned by our government’s Vision 2030 and Harambee Prosperity Plan – which FNB Namibia is committed to,” Abuid Tjikusere, branch manager of FNB Namibia Gobabis, says. Mathematics is a hierarchical subject i.e. each year builds on the mastery of concepts in previous years. That is why the mastering of basic mathematics concepts in the first school years is of utmost importance. Without this crucial mathematics foundation laid in the first school year learners have very little chance to succeed in later years. That is why a mathematical set like the Omwaalu is so important! The Omwaalu set consists of the following: The Omwaalu Board covering various topics like colour, shapes, measurement, days of the week, months of the year, position in space, etc. On the one side is a chalkboard for practising writing skills; Omwaalu play cards teaching number concepts and used for playing number games; Play money for teaching money calculations and problem solving; A number board teaching number concepts using counters (bottle tops); A set of coloured mathematical shapes for teaching colour, shapes and space concepts; An easy to follow teachers’ guide providing clear teaching instructions as well as important background educational number theory.
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2017-11-01 09:13:01 1 years ago

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