• February 22nd, 2020

Ondera Primary receives computer, printer

ONDERA - Ondera Primary School on Saturday received a printer and computer from Ombaye Fishing  to enhance learning and ease the availability of teaching materials. 

The company further pledged to assist in procuring cartridges in future. This comes in handy for the farm school situated about 60 kilometres west of Tsinstabis, after years of difficulty regarding sourcing and printing costs. The school does not have electricity so it will  rely on using the equipment at a nearby farmhouse. “We have taken note that ink is very expensive, thus for the months to come we will look and see how we can devise a plan on how we can assist in that regard,” promised Ombaye Fishing’s chairperson Libolly Haufiku.

In addition, he said they pride themselves in assisting the needy and marginalised people across the broader community, citing that the company has assisted seven schools in the area of Tsumkwe in various ways and it remains committed to continue doing so. 

“I would therefore like to urge learners to take their education seriously as that is the only way they can build and help themselves and others in future. I taught many people while in exile – that was under extremely difficult conditions but they [pupils] managed to do it and excel in life as we speak today, so you are privileged to have these basic amenities,” advised Haufiku.

The councillor for Guinas, Betty Kaula, said the gesture is highly appreciated more especially for a rural school inhabited by learners of the marginalised community. “I have worked with San communities for 21 years, thus with this donation I am equally happy because we do understand how much it means to them. It is of great value, and they need more of such kind equipment,” said Kaula.  She urged the school board to work hand in hand with staff members in order to make the school attractive and develop it.

“Government is doing everything that it can, therefore it is now your duty to work and abolish the word ‘marginalised’. This can only be achieved if you work hard in order to change our social classification of being marginalised. 
I do not want to be hearing this word hence it now remains to your duty to realise that,” encouraged Jan Haneb, a community member. 

Obrien Simasiku
2019-01-28 09:39:36 | 1 years ago

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