• August 12th, 2020

Only 13% of businesses have registered on ITAS … Submission of electronic PAYE returns extended to February 2020

WINDHOEK – In response to various employers’ payroll software systems still not being ready to submit  Pay As You Earn (PAYE) returns electronically through the Integrated Tax Administration System (ITAS), the Ministry of Finance has granted another extension until 20 February 2020. The deadline was initially extended to September 2019 for the submission of the detailed payroll on ITAS. 

“We believe this extension will give ample time to adjust payroll systems as no manual submission will be accepted beyond due date,” confirmed the Ministry of Finance’s Chief Public Relations Officer, Tonateni Shidhudhu, in a statement sent out yesterday. 

According to information from ITAS, more than 163 300 businesses have registered as taxpayers while just over 21 100 have registered on the ITAS portal, representing a mere 13 percent. The statistics also show that out of 4 060 trusts registered as taxpayers only 1 133 have registered on the ITAS portal. Additionally, out of 230 government institutions a mere 33, or a dismal 14 percent, have registered on the ITAS portal. And, on an individual basis while close to 545 000 individuals are registered as taxpayers only some 84 000 have registered on the ITAS portal. In total, while some 712 522 registered taxpayers have been recorded, only 106 259 have registered on the ITAS portal. 

“The registration on ITAS does not mean that tax returns have been submitted electronically. Some have registered online but are still struggling to submit their information due to various reasons and we are working on sorting out any misunderstandings,” Shidhudhu told New Era. 

Through yesterday’s statement the Ministry of Finance also reminded all taxpayers that submission of monthly PAYE returns must be lodged online, through the ITAS portal. The online submission is done by completing an Excel spreadsheet (available on ITAS portal) with detailed payroll information of employees and uploading it on ITAS. Extension was granted from March until September 2019 to allow taxpayers to prepare for online submission.

“Employers opting to submit returns manually must take note that they are obliged to update all manual submissions by uploading electronic versions on ITAS by 20 March 2020. However, employers are encouraged to make online submissions as soon as they possibly can. Employers are further informed that this extension does not include monthly payments,” read the statement. 

Edgar Brandt
2019-09-12 07:49:51 | 11 months ago

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