• June 7th, 2020

Open Letter to US Ambassador to Namibia, Lisa Johnson

Dear Ambassador Johnson,

The Economic and Social Justice Trust (ESJT) is an organisation that supports the achievement of social and economic justice. This objective cannot be limited to Namibia alone but requires a focus on international developments as well.  
It is with deep regret that we noted your country’s persistent and continuous violations of international law aimed at undermining the democratically elected government of Venezuela and imposing severe hardships on the population in the hope that this would lead to an overthrow of the government.
We wish to point out that the most fundamental rules of international law are those contained in the UN Charter and include sovereign equality of nations, territorial integrity of nations, and non-interference in the domestic affairs of nations as well as the prohibition of the threat or use of force.
These principles have been elaborated on in countless international instruments, including the UNGA Declaration of the Inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Internal Affairs of States A/RES/36/103 (1981), which stipulates States’ rights and duties encompassed under the principles of non-intervention and non-interference to include:
“The sovereign and inalienable right of a State freely to determine its own political, economic, cultural and social systems, to develop its international relations and to exercise permanent sovereignty over its natural resources, in accordance with the will of its people, without outside intervention, interference, subversion, coercion or threat in any form whatsoever.
The duty of States to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force in any form whatsoever to violate the existing internationally recognised boundaries of another State, to disrupt the political, social or economic order of other States, to overthrow or change the political system of another State or its Government, to cause tension between or among States or to deprive peoples of their national identity or heritage.”
What would the world look like if the above principles were ignored as is the case with the US actions against Venezuela?  Imagine if countries around the world were to:
Encourage, for example, Nancy Pelosi (or any other individual politician) to proclaim herself to be the President of the USA and then recognise her as the legitimate President, simply because they do not like President Trump.  They could simply declare him to be a dictator and ignore that he was elected. 
Impose unilateral sanctions on the USA designed to cripple the US economy and incite the ordinary American people into rising up against your President Trump.
Freeze your Government’s assets to prevent it from effectively delivering essential services to ordinary Americans or to engage in trade with other countries.
Threaten third countries with sanction if they trade with the USA.
Sabotage the electric grid in your country in order to plunge the US into darkness and chaos and to incite ordinary Americans to rise up against your President Trump.
Provide material support to unelected elements within the USA to oppose the Trump government;
Threaten military intervention if your President Trump and his government do not comply with their demands to step down;
Do all of the above (and more) for the express purpose of taking control over your country’s national resources and to force a change in the economic and political system in the USA.
Despite the dismal failure of your country’s latest coup attempt in Venezuela, the US administration continues to intensify its violations of international law, notably the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, 1961. The following are just a few examples of such violations: 
Cutting off financial resources to Venezuelan embassies across the globe resultant from the freezing of Venezuelan Government’s bank accounts;
Allowing and encouraging unelected elements representing a random self-proclaimed “interim president” to take over the Venezuelan consulate in New York;
Threatening to arrest persons on the Venezuelan diplomatic premises in Washington; and
Encouraging other countries to follow suit.
While your country’s hostile actions towards the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela continue, please take note of the fact that the Republic of Namibia guarantees the inviolability of the US diplomatic premises in Windhoek despite her differences with your country on some issues, including Venezuela. This is what decent and civilised countries do: they abide by the tenets of international law.
We therefore insist that Venezuelans must be allowed to decide their own future and to find solutions to their own problems without being pressurised into submission.  There can only be a negotiated solution based on the expressed will of the Venezuelan people and no country has the right to undermine their right to self-determination. This applies even if you do not approve some of their government’s policies.  We therefore join millions in Venezuela and around the world who say: Hands off Venezuela!

Yours sincerely,

Herbert Jauch
Chairperson: Economic & Social Justice Trust

Staff Reporter
2019-05-15 11:31:33 | 1 years ago

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