• December 5th, 2019

Operation Kalahari not intended to intimidate public

WINDHOEK - Khomas police regional commander Commissioner Joseph Shikongo has assured the public that the recently launched Operation Kalahari Desert is not there to suppress, brutalise or intimidate members of the public.  

 He said law enforcement agencies and the government do not allow or condone such actions.  
Shikongo made these remarks while addressing members of the Namibian Defence Force, Namibian Police Force, Namibian Correctional Services and City Police who are part of the operation, at Patrick Iyambo Police College on Wednesday morning. 

Some officers who participated in the just ended Operation Hornkranz have been accused of assaulting members of the public while on duty.

 “We don’t expect members of this operation to be controlled by their emotions but by principles on which this operation was established. I want to make it very clear, as regional commander, to ensure the residents of Khomas and travellers alike that they should feel free,” said Shikongo. 

But Shikongo warned criminals that their time is over and they should pack their backs and go elsewhere.
“My promise to the people is be assured, we will do everything in our power so that those who are committing wrong against the people will be dealt with. We are not condoning or allowing any officer to assault any member of the public,” stated Shikongo.

However, the regional commander added they also have to endure insults and physical attacks from members of the public. However, he said, officers on operation should not take action on their own accord but follow instructions from commanders when using force.

Shikongo said he wants to establish the three Ps – which stands for the police and public partnership. When Shikongo was asked whether some feel that the operation is there to instill fear and control the public’s movements, he replied that they are cognisant of the freedom of movement as enshrined in the constitution but people should take note that crime is mostly committed after midnight. 

“As much as we have freedom of movement, we mostly find young people with unlicensed firearms and knives. Join us on the operation and you will find (people) with pangas especially after midnight, and that is the time the criminals are working. We have a responsibility to ask members of the public. Sometimes you find them in the middle of the night and they start running or are under the influence of alcohol,” said the Khomas regional police commander. In addition, Khomas regional crime investigation coordinator Deputy Commissioner Abner Agas said crime drastically reduced in the region during the operation.  Agas said some police stations that recorded about 45 cases per day are now only recording about 20-25 cases per day.  

Among statistics he shared, two cases of domestic violence were opened during May 27 and June 3,  two cases of  possession of cannabis,  two cases of housebreaking and malicious damage to property, amongst others.

“Like I said, crime has gone down, as you can see, it is a few cases worth reporting,” stated Agas.

Selma Ikela
2019-06-07 10:03:37 | 5 months ago

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