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Opinion - From rags to riches

2021-04-26  Reverend Jan Scholtz

Opinion - From rags to riches

Born in the harbour town of Lüderitz in the 1970s, the life journey of Timotheus Kalongo, locally known as Timo, is not just like any other ordinary story.

Timo attended his primary education at Diaz Primary School where he only managed to complete standard four in 1988, which is his highest education.

With only standard four education, he could not secure any other employment but that of a cleaner in a local supermarket, where he worked for 18 years until he turned the odds in his favour to rise from poverty to becoming one of the most respected and admired businessman in the fishing industry dominated town.

Starting with a nightclub - Club Ys Koues - Timo proved that one doesn’t necessarily need a formal education to make a decent living.

He spread his business wings in 2010 when he acquired a plot to build a three-roomed guesthouse that is now among the most popular lodges in town, boasting 22 modern rooms, managed by a staff complement of eight employees.

While managing a business empire, Timo prioritises family time for his wife Catherine Kalongo and their three kids.

His message to the youth is to always start from scratch with the help of God, hardworking, respect for elders, don›t spend money unnecessarily but use it to build yourself up, never give up, where there is a will there›s a way.

In conclusion, there should be a concerted effort from government and aspiring entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of entrepreneurship, to ensure the attainment of National Development Goals and the eradication of poverty.

2021-04-26  Reverend Jan Scholtz

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