• October 25th, 2020

Opinion - Intergenerational Hatred

I have observed toxic family cultures and a lack of constructive reinforcement from many adults in our societies. Societal gaps or family gaps will always be within us but the question is: Do we widen or narrow the gap?
Most of our families are characterised by broken bonds, hatred, lack of support and even severe threats and attacks towards one another. 
My main focus is on hatred amongst families and its long-term effects on the youth. 
We have seen young individuals living on their own without family support, a large group of them being orphans or those from households that are categorised to be in absolute poverty. 

One may ask if those individuals who live in isolation are not from a family chain of grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces and nephews?
I have come to identify “manufactured hatred” as the regular contributor to such gaps. I have seen parents hating on specific individuals for several reasons that one can never justify. 

I am not going to give an example of such reasons, but I bet we know them. My main emphasis is on how manufactured hatred has been produced and reproduced into the younger generation as they are told to hate those specified individuals. 
This is not because they have personal hatred thoughts or evidence to hate them but merely because their elders have been hating those groups. 
It is touching that this behaviour is trending in our societies and has brought reckless and destructive disconnections amongst families. When the elders leave us behind, the innocent souls will still suffer because their families are already poisoned with hatred. 
Bearing in mind that family is the base level for support, many young people are failing to achieve their dreams simply because their support systems are lessened because of hate. 

What will happen when those individuals manage to succeed with the help of the outside world? Will, they not take revenge and be unsupportive towards their young family members? 
Many will agree that this is one of the apparent effects of manufactured hatred amongst families. 
Family is a crucial institution that maintains individual wellbeing and community health. It should, therefore, never be a place of discrimination. 
Parents should always put into consideration that their actions influence the intelligence and personality of their children. 
They should learn to cherish positive human connections and know what to discuss with their children. They are indeed the largest factor in determining their children’s success or failure. Learn what to feed your children. 

Children should furthermore learn to differentiate between good and bad teachings.
It is not a crime to reject poisonous advice. Learn to stand firm because, by the end of the day, you are responsible to bridge your future. All in all, respect and show appreciation towards one another regardless of age groups is very important. 

*Saara Meke Amakali is an Industrial Psychology and Sociology graduate. Email her at saaraamakali@gmail.com. 

Staff Reporter
2020-09-23 10:25:45 | 1 months ago

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