• October 22nd, 2020

Opinion - What to do when you test positive for Covid-19

The statistics for Covid-19 are on the rise in Namibia.  I am quite sure everyone knows how to avoid being infected by the coronavirus. I would like to share with you some advice and helpful home remedies when you test positive. They say prevention is better than cure, so the recommendations to avoid getting Covid-19 still remain:

Washing hands frequently
Social distancing and  
Correct wearing of masks

Namibia has recorded above 250 cases of coronavirus, it is thus imperative to give some advice on what to do once you actually test positive. It is most likely that this numbers will double or even triple in no time.
Boost your immune system.
Get at least 20 minutes of sunburn daily to increase your Vitamin D levels.
Take Vitamin C supplements (at least 2g) everyday, or multivitamin supplements with minerals like Zinc and Selenium.
If you have chronic conditions like COPD or Asthma have enough inhaler pumps at home. 

Prepare an emergency self-care bag with:

Paracetamol/Panado for fever and headache
Cough syrup of your choice.
Throat antiseptic spray like Andolex C, Throat lozenges (lemon, lime or honey flavour)
Vicks or Puma vaporub to apply on your chest and to steam/inhale with every mornings and evenings.
Take adequate meals, ideally the ones that are easy to prepare like noodles or soups if you stay alone.
It important to stay hydrated, drink loads of fluids, juice and water.
Take paracetamol for fever (temperature > 38 degrees) or headache.
 Have adequate rest. 
Do not leave the house! 
Research has shown that coronavirus has a PH of 5.5-8.5, meaning it is important to beat it by taking fruits that are alkalotic like oranges, garlic, lemons, lime, mangoes and pineapples.
Fourthly, if you share your house with other family members, ISOLATE YOURSELF in a well ventilated room. Always wear gloves and a mask around the house to avoid cross infecting others. Sanitise beddings and clothes frequently. Practice cough etiquette. You do not need to go to the hospital if you are not showing any symptoms like difficulty in breathing and constant fever that doesn’t improve from taking paracetamol. 
Dial 0800100100 to be transported to isolation facilities.
Finally, Covid-19 is manageable at home under strict regulations. More than 80% of Covid-19 cases recovered at home. Isolation beds may not be enough to accommodate everyone if community transmission goes out of hand. However, speak to your doctor if you have pre exiting conditions like lung cancer, COPD or you are taking immunosuppresants like ARVs. 

*Edith Hamukwaya is an ICU registered nurse specialist and a lecturer at the University of Namibia

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