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Oshakati Lewis workers fed up with ‘peanuts’

2023-06-21  Max Heinrich

Oshakati Lewis workers fed up with ‘peanuts’

OSHAKATI - Lewis employees in Oshakati are complaining about being paid less than what they are actually supposed to be getting.

The employees, who prefer anonymity, said they are tired of not being paid what is owed to them.

According to one employee, the seniors of Oshakati Lewis sit around all day and do nothing but still get paid much more than the N$4 000 clerks and assistants

“When we complain to the regional accounting manager, all he says is that he has no authority or any power to do anything to help us. We make a lot of money for this company but we do not get what is owed to us,” said the employee.

“We saw and read the papers that indicate how much we are supposed to be compensated on every sale and it does not correspond with what we have been receiving,” said another employee.

The documents provided to New Era indicate that on every collection target, employees are supposed to be paid N$750 but only get N$500 or less. And on problematic accounts, employees are to get N$2 000 but only get compensated N$350.

Seniors of Oshakati Lewis branch use company cars, have medical aid, housing allowance and at times receive three money vouchers per month.

“We make more money and do a lot of the work but still get paid less. We work overtime and still not get compensated for overtime and when we complain, we get threatened and just get paid N$100 for overtime work. We motivate ourselves. We do not get promoted and there’s favouritism in our workplace,” said an angry employee.

According to the human resource manager of all Lewis stores in Namibia, Sammy Janser, he is not aware of any issues at the store.

“We were there last week and it was not addressed. I am not aware of those issues and complaints. We have an open-door policy and employees should speak up about all these issues. We will be holding a meeting next week and the employees should bring the issues forward to be addressed,” said Janser.

He encouraged all Lewis employees to take up all matters with him if they are scared of being threatened, so he can address the issues himself.

“The employees should not be afraid to speak up but I will definitely address this issue in our next meeting,” said Janser.



2023-06-21  Max Heinrich

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