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Oshikoto plans learner advancement

2020-11-09  Staff Reporter

Oshikoto plans learner advancement
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Josephina Mwashindange

The directorate of education in the Oshikoto region, together with stakeholders, recently gathered at Oniipa to discuss the way forward regarding the promotion of learners across the region.
Due to the outbreak of Covid-19 and closure of schools countrywide, over 70 000 learners from 221 schools in the region were forced to stay home and conduct lessons online.

The closure of the schools has negatively affected the curriculum coverage and learning outcomes across all the grades, affecting teaching time. 
Similarly, many learners who found themselves in areas that did not have rural electrification, characterised by poor network coverage, were not able to access the internet to receive school assignments.

Hence, a decision was taken by the stakeholders to identify learners at all the schools in the region who did not meet the requirements but have the potential to advance to the next grade. 
According to the education regional director, Aletta Eises, the engagement with stakeholders ensured greater preparedness to address future potential crises.

She added the engagement was necessary due to some factors that hindered the teaching-learning situation, such as the mode of teaching – for instance, printed materials, e-learning, as well as learning from home.

“This will also help us to contribute significantly to improving inclusive quality education for our learners then they will not bounce back but they will bounce forward in their educational advancement,” said Eises.
Union representatives, churches, traditional authorities and regional council representatives were all in attendance and agreed on the implementation of promoting the learners.

2020-11-09  Staff Reporter

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