• September 19th, 2020

Oshikoto prudently utilised drought funds

OMUTHIYA – The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Habitat has lauded the Oshikoto regional council for having utilised the drought relief funds of N$15.5 million in a desired manner. 

The applause was echoed during the committee’s visit to the region after having received satisfactory responses and sketch on how funds were used to drill, install and rehabilitate boreholes, as well as for the Ondangwa-Omuntele multimillion water project. Of the total budget, N$4.5 million was allocated to the completion of the Omuntele pipeline, while N$10 million was set aside for the installation of 24 boreholes and drilling of 13 boreholes, while an additional N$1 million was spent on the rehabilitation of five boreholes.

The director for Development Planning, Victoria Kapenda, informed the committee that, of the N$10 million, a total of N$5.1 million is committed towards boreholes, of which work will begin next week, while the remaining is further committed to the Omuntele pipeline.

“All this money is committed and I can say we have utilised 99% of the budget,” she said, adding that the delay was with the release of funds from central government.

“This affected our implementation – else by now, we could be done. Nevertheless, contractors are already selected and are only waiting for equipment,” added Kapenda.

Chairperson of the Committee Cletius Sipapela implored the regional council to ensure no money is returned to treasury from 31 March because amounts were already committed to projects.
Council further cleared the committee’s concern that Nehale lya Mpingana featured more as a beneficiary, stating that the specific constituency has no water pipelines. 

In addition, the water in the area is saline; hence, more efforts to provide water are required.  Through the drought relief budget, head of rural and water supply Stevenson Tuukondjele informed the parliamentarians the region is able to provide water to those in dire need.  - osimasiku@nepc.com.na

Obrien Simasiku
2020-03-04 07:14:04 | 6 months ago

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