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Oshikuku holds second Oshipe trade fair

2019-08-01  Nuusita Ashipala

Oshikuku holds second Oshipe trade fair

OSHIKUKU - Acting Minister of Education, Arts and Culture Martin Andjaba said trade fairs hosted by local authorities are critical as they provide an opportunity for towns to market and showcase their developmental and investment opportunities.

Andjaba said they equally provide Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and investors a platform with the necessary exposure that enables them to identify economic potential and prospective areas of investment at the respective towns.

“It is at these platforms that new business ventures are created and existing business realise the need to expand and diversify their business operations and thereby creating more employment opportunities for our people, especially the youth,” stated Andjaba.

Andjaba further said creating jobs at regional and local levels means there would be less migration of the youth from rural areas to urban centres where they in some cases are confronted by hostile conditions.
“Let us therefore make them realise their dreams of a better life right here by doing proper planning and working hard to ensure that we bring development to our towns and attract investments that will create jobs for the youth of our country,” said Andjaba.

Andjaba made the remarks at the official opening of the Oshipe Annual Trade Fair on Tuesday.
The trade fair ends on Saturday.

‘Oshipe’ is a term derived from the Oshiwambo culture where after every harvest people come together around this time of the year to appreciate and celebrate the new harvest.

According to Andjaba, in this context, this is therefore a platform for the people of Oshikuku and those from other areas to come together, take stock, appreciate and celebrate the successes achieved from previous year’s hard work.

Whilst promoting industrialization and trade at local authorities, Andjaba said there is an equal need to promote culture.

“It is important that we preserve our cultural traditions, values and norms for the sake of our future generations. In this context, I am happy to learn that there are plans by the Oshikuku Town Council to construct a Cultural Heritage Centre which will be the cultural hub of Oshikuku,” said Andjaba.
There are 76 exhibitors.

2019-08-01  Nuusita Ashipala

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