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Otto Kapuka unveils One brick

2021-01-29  Aletta Shikololo

Otto Kapuka unveils One brick
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“I challenged myself to publish a book every 15th May of every year, which happens to be my birthday date. Unfortunately, this book was published only in November 2020 due to the pandemic. I have a responsibility to continue encouraging the culture of reading in our community,” seasoned author and motivational speaker, Otto Kapuka said in a telephonic interview with Entertainment Now! explaining the motivation behind launching his third book ‘One brick’.

The author said ‘Unleashing and Honouring your Invisible Contract’ and ‘Everything is War’ is a continuation of the first two books, which will help readers, start their journeys of self-discovery and how to detox.

“This book is a compilation of true-life stories of people who woke up one day and made choices based on their experiences for a different and better outcome,” he said, adding that he is sharing these experiences to help someone do the same.
Otto’s non-fictional masterpiece talks about the journey of one towards self-fulfilment and satisfaction, not through monetary means but through introspection and self-discovery.

Similarly, to his previous books, ‘One brick’ inspires the readers to take control of their life by understanding complex everyday problems and finding out their root cause through exercises and experiments.
“The logical approaches and outcomes are testaments that nothing is impossible if one commits-mind, body, everything is possible,” further explained Otto.

The life-coach has once again surprised fans with the announcement of the fourth book.
“I am currently busy with my fourth book coming out soon, not yet sure of the date but I want to take time with this one because some chapters will require more attention and research,” he revealed.

Both his books are available countrywide, and readers can request copies on his mobile number.
“I am also available for one-on-one sessions, training, and motivational talks. Let’s add one brick to that building we have been building,” he concluded.

2021-01-29  Aletta Shikololo

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