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Our chicken is RealGood - NPI

2020-09-07  Staff Reporter

Our chicken is RealGood - NPI
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Tightened standards for food production have been enforced by governments to address growing concerns on consumer health. Resource scarcity fears occur with the rising consumer demands that makes supply capacity questionable. Aspects of political instability, population growth and accelerated changes in consumer behaviour may also affect the production process. Established in 2011, Namib Poultry Industries’ (NPI) purpose is therefore to supply local produce to Namibians upholding the freshest quality chicken which is almost non-existent in imported chicken. 

Before NPI, poultry products from abroad have dominated the consumer market in Namibia. For a long time, they were major competitors to local producers. It was reported in 2019 by Namibian Sun that over 15 000 tons of chicken are imported from countries which include South Africa, Brazil and China. Illegal activities with regard to the import of poultry without permits or those exceeding the lawful quantity are alarming factors that causes damage to the economy up to over a million of dollars per year. Annually, there is an output of more than 20 000 tons of chicken meat at NPI. As part of their contribution in the Namibian poultry industry, NPI not only focuses on their own growth but also extends a helping hand to local farmers and small businesses by selling chicks so that they can stimulate the expansion of their production activities.  

One thing certain is that importers of chicken have not been able to keep their word on the quality of the chicken. Even though, the international distributors affirm the chicken to be ‘fresh’, this remains an overestimated assumption. What actually happens is that the chicken takes longer to reach the consumers and loses its freshness. By supporting the local economy, consumers can most certainly benefit from the freshest Namibian chicken. The NAM Chicken product range maximizes the level of freshness in chicken. They have shown true determination in fulfilling this promise by establishing a system of operations that gets the chicken to the table in a shorter period of time than the imported products. With RealGood Chicken, their frozen chicken brand, the essence of sharing and community comes to life. RealGood believes in providing a local frozen chicken that is of a better quality than the imports. Frozen chicken speaks to the lifestyles of the modern Namibian consumption trends. It aims to be a product of convenience to suit the busy routines of consumers. Value placed on innovation is what has led RealGood to establish itself as a Namibian market leader of frozen poultry products. Improved freezing technology and careful selection of ingredients have contributed to further strengthening the fresh quality of the frozen chicken. 
Capitalisation on quality instead of profitability is what has undeniably boosted the company’s proliferation in Namibia.  With two different brands at a glance, NPI has thought of every segment of the Namibian population and income groups. There is a chicken product for everyone.

2020-09-07  Staff Reporter

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