• November 13th, 2019

‘Our main pillars will be accountability, dedication and commitment’- Mackinza

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - The incoming junior mayor of the City of Windhoek Grace Mackinza said the key supports for the year of her leadership will be accountability, dedication, and commitment. Mackinza, a Grade 11 learner at Delta High School was speaking after being sworn in along with her deputy Nashiba Abrahams, a Grade 11 learner from Waldorf School yesterday. 

“Our main focus when choosing projects will be to select ventures that not only impact our community but also influence us as forebears of change,” said Mackinza. She said through her term, she would encourage junior councillors to dedicate their time and energy into making every project a success. 

“Other focuses will be on supporting cancer patients, vulnerable people in society such as the elderly and Aids orphans,” said Mackinza. She also mentioned that the council will continue to collaborate with the different youth bodies to broaden the impacts of projects they tend to embark on as well as growing the network of the junior councillors. The junior council’s term is for the 2019/2020 year. 

“Our core project for the year 2019 is youth suicide,” pointed out Mackinza. She referenced an article published by the New Era newspaper on two suicide cases. “Seven-year-old Anastacia Kampulu, 58-year-old Inge Hanse-these two people are part of the 2019 suicide victims in the past five years. The victims of suicide are often mothers, fathers, teachers, doctors, lawyers, brothers, sisters and even cousins whose lives are cut short. Suicide affects every member of society indiscriminately,” stated Mackinza. 

The junior council of 2019 sympathised with Namibians and is driven to find solutions to this ongoing phenomenon. “We would like to address this issue that burdens every member of society,” said Mackinza. She concluded by saying she is dedicated to producing a radical change in the community.

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2019-06-12 10:24:20 | 5 months ago

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