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Parents complicit in child rape 

2023-01-13  Festus Hamalwa

Parents complicit in child rape 

ONGWEDIVA – Parents who protect child rapists have been warned that they too would face the wrath of the law.

A spate of sexual crimes by their relatives against children continues to shock Namibians. 

Authorities have now threatened to come down hard on parents who cover up these crimes and do not report them on time.

It is claimed that suspects who live in the same house as the victims get away with these crimes, as it is difficult for parents or guardians to report the matter to the police, especially in situations where the family is dependent on the perpetrator.

Oshikoto police commander Teopoline Kalompo-Nashikaku affirmed that police have experienced challenges of rape cases that are reported too late, which complicates investigations.

Nashikaku, therefore, warned that whoever is going to protect a rape suspect will have a case opened against him or her.

“Parents and guardians should stop protecting their relatives who commit rape. All rape cases should be reported on time,” she added.

A teacher in the Oshikoto region anonymously told New Era that information normally comes out when a teacher notices a learner’s behaviour in class.





“This will lead the child to speak out that she was raped by a relative,” the teacher said.

Last year, the death of a 13-year-old girl from Olukula village in the Ohangwena region sent shockwaves through her community after it was alleged that she had been repeatedly sexually molested by her father.

The girl allegedly died at the Okongo State Hospital after showing symptoms of HIV/AIDS. 

She was, however, not tested to prove she was indeed positive. 

Although the incident has since been brought to the attention of the residents, who subsequently reported it to the
media, the victim’s mother was protecting her husband.

In the Omusati region, two sisters, including a 12-year-old, were last year impregnated by their brother, who resided in the same homestead.

Their parents did not report the continued rape to the police, and it was reported only when the younger sister fell pregnant. A 12-year-old girl was raped and impregnated by a taxi driver in Windhoek’s Okahandja Park location after it emerged he preys on young girls and threatens to kill them if they told anyone he violated

The councillor of the Eengodi constituency in the Oshikoto region, Protasius Neshuku, confirmed that some learners have been suffering from sexual abuse by their relatives, where the guardian or parents failed to report the matter.

“Some parents believe in culture – that is why they do not like reporting their relatives when they commit rape crimes,” he said.



Okankolo councillor Hansa Nambondi stressed that a lack of information, poor road infrastructure that prevents vehicles from reaching the community, as well as long distances to police stations are some of the contributing factors to people not reporting crimes in his constituency.

“Some people, especially rape victims, don’t know where to report crimes. Some are being threatened not to tell anyone,” he added. Nehale lyaMpingana councillor Joseph Shikongo also narrated to New Era that his office received reports about parents protecting their relatives who are allegedly raping children.

Shikongo stated that not reporting suspects promotes these acts of crimes, as perpetrators are not brought to book.


2023-01-13  Festus Hamalwa

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