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Passionate to nurture a responsible generation

2018-12-19  Staff Reporter

Passionate to nurture a responsible generation

Onesmus Embula

WINDHOEK – An  expert on contemporary relationships and love related matters, Kilian Amavila, is a village millennial. His passion for counselling and motivating people is driven by his interest to influence and shape the minds of other individuals. 

Although perceived by his peers as always wearing a serious face, he reveals it is a mask to maintain his composure. He describes himself as a friendly and easy going person. Amavila, an advocate of love and peace, is outspoken on his social media pages (Kilian Gates Wombulu) where he actively mentors youngsters about the sweet and sours of love relationships in modern settings saying his drive is to nurture a generation that is responsible in all aspects of life. “Sometimes I speak about things I went through myself, what I have observed or witnessed and use my knowledge to enhance other people’s understandings of these issues,” he says. 

As a young boy, Amavila, reminisces being given up for adoption to a family at Omufitu waNauyala where he grew up before he re-discovered his parents some years later, and started his pre-school at Anamulenge Primary School, proceeded to Okavu Combined School, now known as John Pandeni, then Canisianum Roman Catholic High School and continued at Negumbo Secondary School where he matriculated. However, after finishing Grade 12, he went to live with his brother in Swakopmund where life turned dark for him because he could not secure a decent employment by then. Thus later, he resorted to being a mower at Fineta, a person that cuts grass or other plants.

“In 2004, I was lucky to get a scholarship to go study at Mutate Teachers’ College in Zimbabwe, majoring in Mathematics. I was supposed to finish my three-year course in 2007 but I got suspended for some mischievous behaviours, so I was sent back to Namibia,” Amavila confesses. Adding, he returned the following year to finish his studies and managed to graduate.  Remarkably, when he returned to Namibia, Amavila could not get a job in his respective field of study for a year, which saw him doing odd jobs such as transportation business using his sister’s mini bus to generate income. “As fate might have it, I am currently a professional teacher at Outjo Secondary School in Kunene Region, where I have been employed since 2011”, Amavila informs.  

His journey into the corporate world was an uphill battle but his persistence made it possible. “My past is my daily fuel that keeps me going, I run on that,” says Amavila, adding that quitting alcohol was and still his outstanding accomplishment.  “Life is a challenge, a journey that everyone has to face and walk,” when asked about his perception of life, he responded, it is a process that is challenging yet fascinating. Life is not a smooth road, it winds here and there. It has slopes and we have to navigate our ways on daily basis to make it to the next day. Some days you enjoy life, some days you feel like giving up but that is just how life is. It is an interesting phenomenon,” explains Amavila. Among other talents, he refers to himself as handyman and excels at art painting and sketching. Particularly, he cautions youngsters who spend time on things that do not grow them against such practice. He also advises couples to respect their partners and not abuse them, strongly condemning passion killings. “Let us invest wisely and grow because tomorrow is shaped by the decisions of today,” says Amavila.

To that end, he wished all Namibians a Merry Christmas that is safe, joyous and an accident free festive season and Prosperous 2019.

2018-12-19  Staff Reporter

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