• September 30th, 2020

PDM candidate to prioritise sanitation, healthcare and housing

WALVIS BAY - Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) candidate for the Walvis Bay Urban by-election Richard Hoaeb has vowed to address the challenges of sanitation, healthcare and housing once elected into office. 
Hoaeb, who launched his manifesto on Thursday evening in Walvis Bay, is vying for the position against independent candidates Knowledge Ipinge and Kennedy Iilonga as well as Swapo’s Sirie Topulathana.

The Walvis Bay Urban by-election will be held this Wednesday. 
The youthful Hoaeb who have extensive experience in health, banking and the education sector said he wants to ensure that the social wellbeing of the electorate are addressed as contained in the strategic plan of the regional council, and  fully implemented in order to bring about change in the livelihood of the community. 
“I want to embark upon strategic issues on which my  predecessor have been working and will continue by addressing  issues which did not receive the necessary attention,” he explained. 

He added that achieving success will depend on common understanding and togetherness. “Thus my aim will be to put the interest of the community I will be serving as first priority, which shall be possible through proper consultations within the Constituency Development Committee (CDC), which is inclusive of all stakeholders in development. I will also have to fast track development initiatives as contained in the strategic plan of the regional council, “ Hoaeb said. 

He added that it will be a great challenge seeing that such development activities are long overdue and implementing it as fast as possible will have positive impact on the community and will also uplift the living standards of the people. 

“Hence, I urge the Walvis Bay community to take my hand, walk this road together with the support and guidance of PDM. Namibians have been silenced for years, we could not practice our democratic rights as per the Constitution of Namibia Chapter 3 Article 8, Respect for Human Dignity. If  we  look closely at the Harambee Prosperity Plan and Vision 2030, what changes, improvement have you seen. I have witnessed many times critically ill people, women, children, elderly people not attended to on time. This must change, therefore, vote for me Richard Hoaeb on Wednesday, “ he said.

Eveline de Klerk
2020-01-13 07:24:29 | 8 months ago

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