• August 4th, 2020

PDMYL blames pubs for Grade 12 poor performance

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - The Popular Democratic Movement Youth League (PDMYL) has blamed entertainment hotspots and the education directorate for the recent Grade 12 poor performances in urban areas.
“In the Khomas Region, teenagers can be seen in clubs and other famous drinking establishments. We are producing drunkards and failures from our basic education system in urban areas,” said Maximilliant Katjimune, the youth league’s spokesperson.

Katjimune who was speaking at a press briefing on the status of education in Namibia, urged education directorates to start tackling this burning issue.

“We cannot have regions like the Khomas Region which used to be the epitome of excellent performance to be underperforming every year. It is embarrassing; this means the directorate in the region is not doing something right. Maybe Mr Vries is losing ideas,” stated Katjimune.
He said it’s either the Khomas education director shapes up or ships out, as the Khomas Region continuous to be an embarrassment.

“We used to have schools like Jan Mohr Secondary School and Academia High School, Concordia College, Centaurus High School as best performing schools, I don’t know what is happening at those schools, they used to be the cream of the crop in Namibia but now they are underperforming, so we are doing something wrong and we must address these things in the Khomas, Hardap, //Kharas, Zambezi and Kunene regions,” Katjimune urged.

The PDMYL further stated with regret the decision by the line ministry to not allow those who passed Grade 10 on a part-time basis last year to continue with formal education Grade 11 and 12. “These students are now left stranded to find refuge at alternative institutions such as Namcol, Tucsin or any other part-time institutions,” stressed Katjimune.

He stated that the directive from Omusati directorate for this move was communicated late to the affected parties, which later meant parents would have to fork out large sums of money to ensure that those students go to school, pay rent.

Katjimune mentioned that Grade 11 and 12 are not psychologically ready to school on a part-time basis for the two remaining years. “These learners will inevitably lose focus and worst is they will eventually fail Grade 12,” he said.

The PDMYL urged the education ministry to accommodate these students in the formal basic education system by provisionally providing or conducting lessons in tents or teaching them in school halls.

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2020-01-15 07:29:55 | 6 months ago

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