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People vibrate at their unique frequency - Sven

2022-07-29  Staff Reporter

People vibrate at their unique frequency - Sven

   Maria Haipinge


They say summer bodies are made in winter, and prolific Namibian dancer Sven-Eric Müller’s winter dance sessions have been keeping people warm and fit since 23 May this year at his ‘Oh Shift’ studio. 

The sessions embrace ballet, contemporary dance, jazz conducted by Müller, as well as sensational African dance routines led by the remarkable Tulimelila Shityuwete.

Each session of between 60 and 90 minutes entails movements, ranging from calming and meditative, all the way to ecstatic and heartrate-increasing goodness. 

All dances, as described by Müller, are unique in that each style and form of movement has its distinctive essence and energy. 

“I think they are all different for different people because we vibrate at our unique frequency, which allows the expression of the exact same thing to look and feel completely different,” he told VIBEZ! 

Müller is the main teacher at Oh Shift situated at 4 Luther Street in Eros, and takes up the running and designing of all courses. 

His qualification exceeds the aforementioned and includes tap, ballroom, freestyle, personal training and energy-healing.

“Oh Shift exists to help one find their missing link that makes their body feel like their own; diving deep into yourself, and enjoying the fun that comes with meeting your edge and finding your grace.”

To him, dance is all about being in the body – connected, centred and expressive. 

“Rhythm was always in my bones… throw in some good vibes and a performance and I’m all in,” he said.

As an all-rounder, he said the aim was always to be as versatile as possible, adding that he has had a deep love for ballet and contemporary dance, which were his career starters.

Asked how he remains consistent, focused and driven; his response was:

 “I don’t”. 

To him, life is a sequence of meltdowns and constant work on having one’s “things” in order.

“But it most certainly is always worth it! That and my OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) won’t let me give up and not do the things I want from my life; there is a tension that strives for excellence. 

That, and lots of compulsive moving of furniture around at 2 am, followed by delicious inspiration and creative prowess,” explained the dance maestro.

The studio is available for rental.
Contact him at



2022-07-29  Staff Reporter

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