• June 6th, 2020

Permanent residence permits holders exempted 

WINDHOEK- The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration announced holders of Permanent Residence Permits (PRPs) are no longer required to apply for re-entry visa in order to enter or reside in Namibia. 
Home affairs spokesperson Sakeus Kadhikwa said no PRP holders will be denied entry back to Namibia for this reason. Kadhikwa said PRP holders are advised to acquaint themselves with the provision of Sec. 26 (5) of the Immigration Control Act 1993 (Act No.7 of 1993). 

It provides that PRP holders who have not yet acquired domicile and stay away from Namibia for a continuous period of two years shall lose such PRP.

Kadhikwa added that PRP holders were previously required to be issued with a re-entry visa, which gave them access to come back.

“As of now, we have done away with re-entry visas- no more re-entry visa is required, provided you were not away for two consecutive years,” he further explained.

However, those who wish to apply for the re-entry visa for their convenience can still apply for one at a prescribed fee,” stated Kadhikwa. He said PRPs were given to people residing in Namibia for more than 10 years on selective basis.

Selma Ikela
2019-10-01 07:15:09 | 8 months ago

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