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Personality of the week - Annouscka Kordom

Name:             Annouscka Kordom
Date of Birth:         12/08/1997
Place of Birth:         Windhoek 
Marital Status:         Single
Nickname:         Noosh
Current club:         Capital FC Atletica
Previous Clubs:         Tura Magic FC Ladies

Career achievements: 2x Women Super League Champion, Young Player of the Season award with Tura Magic (2016), Second Team All-Conference with Corban University and 2x First Team All-Conference with Corban University in 2017 and 2019.
Favourite football club: Manchester United
Favourite footballer/s: My favourite female footballer is Julie Ertz and male is Kevin De Bruyne. Zinedine Zidane remains my all-time favourite.
Your most memorable match: It was the U/13 COSSASA Ball Games, can’t remember the year exactly. The U/16 team had just gotten back from competing in the Hessequa Cup in Cape Town and some of us had to immediately report for the U/13 camp for two games against Botswana. In the first game, we were down 1-0 and I scored the equalising goal from a few yards away and I remember this because I have only done this twice in my life. It was pretty sweet and it was my first international goal for the U/13 national team.
Who is the biggest influence on your career? No one person really. My mother has played such a big role, she’s the strongest and most supportive mom. I also have to mention coach Jacqui Shipanga, she shaped me both as a person and as an athlete, and special people like Jacque Gertze, Natasha Cloete and the entire NFA Women’s department.
Which Namibian player do you most enjoy playing with? I’ve always enjoyed playing with Emma Naris from Tura Magic FC Ladies. You feel her presence and you feel her absence, she is that type of player. We played together for both club and country, she is a magnificent player and knows how to make other people look good. 
How difficult has your journey been getting to where you are today? I had to make a lot of sacrifices, get my head straight, and prioritise a lot of things, which in the end worked out for the better. The details of how difficult my journey has been would be an article of its own. I do love sharing my story, but I just believe it’s more powerful when they can hear me speak instead of just reading it. With reading, you can’t really feel the emotions.  

What has kept you going through the years? I am a very ambitious person. I know what I want and I don’t take opportunities for granted because they are rare, especially in a small and developing country like Namibia. I have always wanted to be successful and so I work hard at it every day. My biggest motivation has obviously been my situations growing up and the idea of being a good role model for my younger siblings and whoever else might look up to me. I want my kids to grow up in better situations than I did and I’m so thankful to have had opportunities to set me up for that.

Playing for one of the top university teams in the USA, how have you grown as a player and as a person? Everything is so different here, things are being done differently. The United States is such an individualistic country compared to Namibia, which I think is very community based. I had to step outside of my comfort zone and growth came along with that. I became a better player, I think, and a better person too. I have met such amazing people on this journey that have taught me how to love better, how to understand better and how to better accommodate others. In terms of growth as a player and a person, that can be seen in how I play and who I am today compared to four years ago.

Comparing experiences, how would you describe soccer in the USA? USA is the dominating country in the world when it comes to women’s football. They are very well developed and they have a ton of support both financially and in terms of their fan base. Stadiums are always packed, the fields are decorated with banners because of the financial support they get. In terms of play, they aren’t doing anything special. They have developmental leagues just like we do. The only difference is it’s more competitive because of the size of the country and the investment from coaches, players and the sponsors. The same goes for semi-pro and professional leagues. Everybody wholly buys into being successful and that is why they are where they are and who they are. It’s really nothing special. It’s just investment from everybody, wholeheartedly.

You recently obtained a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Sports Management from Corban University in the USA, what does this achievement mean to you and your future in sports? It’s a great achievement for sure and I’m not done in terms of education. I want a higher degree, maybe two more degrees, both in the field of sports. I want to continue getting educated on how to improve and continue developing the women’s game. I have to say I am well on track in that aspect.

You have also established an academy called “Hope Foundation Namibia”, what are you targeting with the academy? A non-profit yes. Hope Foundation Namibia’s sole purpose is to serve and aid the development of women’s football, specifically focused on the individual players. The Foundation will focus on youth teams and players. There has been a lot of behind the scenes construction going on, building of relationships and establishing partnerships. For now, our short-term goal is just brand awareness. Our 6-9 month goal is to connect 14-20 girls with people interested in investing in the development of Namibian girls. I’m ecstatic about what the Foundation can do and I have so many ideas on how it can help and we’re looking forward to changing a couple of 
Your ambitions for 2020 and beyond: To keep learning and to keep growing. Right now, I’m very focused on my education. As I’ve mentioned before, I want to be more educated on certain things so I’m in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Sports Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration with a concentration in non-profit organisations. 

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