• August 15th, 2020

Personality of the week - Jatjinda Tjihero

Name:             Jatjinda Kambatuku Tjihero 
Date of Birth:         21/07/1987
Place of Birth:         Otjongombe, Aminuis 
Marital Status:         Married
Nickname:         Toetsie
Car:             No car
Current club:         NDF Netball Club 
Previous Clubs:         Civics Netball Club 
Position:         Goal Attack and Goal Shooter 

Career achievements: Acquiring an Honours Degree in Sports Coaching and Level 2 Coaching Certificate. And also, playing netball in the UK was definitely an achievement I’ll cherish forever.
Favourite local or international netball player: It’s most definitely Casey Kopua 
Most memorable match: It was a Khomas league match between Civics and Black Africa. We were the underdogs but we showed them some real netball that day and won.
Your toughest match: It was in England when I was playing for team Northumbria against Manchester Thunder. It was one of those games were catching, shooting or getting free was hard work.
Biggest career disappointment: Not being able to play in the finals against Singapore at the M1 Nations Cup last year due to an injury. 
Biggest influence on your career: Too many people to mention. 
If not netball, which other sport would you have played? Volleyball 
Are you happy with the state of Namibian netball? I couldn’t be much happier; I have trust in the system at the moment.
From a development perspective, what needs to be done to bring Namibian netball on par with the rest of the world? Talent identification and nurturing talent is key but without the right people to nurture the talent, we will still have a lot of work to do. 
Your ambitions for 2020: To be fitter than I’ve ever been.

iPhone, Samsung or Huawei:     Samsung
Christmas or Valentine’s Day:     Christmas 
Phone call or text:         Phone call
Sneakers or high heels:         Sneakers 
Breakfast or dinner:         Breakfast 
Jogging or hiking:         Jogging 
Plane or Cruise Ship:         Plane
Long or short hair:         Short
Favourite nail polish:         Red

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2020-04-16 09:46:15 | 3 months ago

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