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PG refers murder over N$20 docket back to police

2019-11-01  Maria Amakali

PG refers murder over N$20 docket back to police

WINDHOEK - The prosecutor general has sent back to the police investigator the docket of a man accused of killing his brother last year over a debt of N$20.

According to state prosecutor Victoria Likius the prosecutor general referred back the docket to the investigating officer with additional instructions that need to be complied with before she can pronounce herself in the matter. 

“Two witness statements need to be obtained. One of the statements is from an eyewitness. Laboratory results which are vital in this case are also still outstanding,” explained Likius.
The prosecutor general is set to decide whether or not to prosecute, on which charges to prosecute and where to prosecute.

The accused, Immanuel Nepela, 28, is charged with a count of murder for allegedly inflicting stab wounds that resulted in the death of his older brother Salatiel Nghiyolwa in June 2018. 
Nghiyolwa died after he was stabbed with a knife in the ribs at Ehambo dhaNehale informal settlement in Hakahana, Windhoek. 

According to witnesses, Nghiyolwa who was a taxi driver took firewood the previous week to Nepela who sold grilled meat. The agreement was that Nepela would give Nghiyolwa N$20 later in the day for the firewood.
Later on, the brothers got into arguments, and it is alleged that Nepela then pushed and overpowered Nghiyolwa who dislocated his arm, and strangled him which caused him to pass out for some time. 

The following day family members suggested that the brothers should separate and told Nepela to move out of their shared shack. Furthermore, Nepela should go to the north, which he refused to do.
Witnesses indicated that Nepela was later that night seen crying while following the main road. He was allegedly holding a bloodstained knife, saying that he had just killed his brother.

During his preliminary plea earlier this year, Nepela denied any wrongdoing when he took a no guilty plea to the charge of murder.
Nepela is currently on N$1 500 bail which was extended until his next appearance in court on 13 February, 2020 for the prosecutor general’s decision.

2019-11-01  Maria Amakali

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